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Monday, April 25, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks in Violet Banana and Rose Plum and 5 eyeshadows (Alexandria, Pyramid Scheme, Helios, Chartreuse, and Stonekeep)

Boy I need to start fixing my hair again.  I know I have a big forehead and these low ponytails have me looking like Stevie Wonder.  Not that he's that bad, but I'm a woman and this is a beauty blog!  Egads!

I have a gorgeous little Morgana Cryptoria haul that came in today.  I've not done her eyeshadows due justice.  I just don't have a lot of them to have a firm opinion.  I rated them before as a 6 and I know that wasn't quite what Melissa, the owner, would have liked.  She's always been kind, but I felt in the back of my mind (especially since Blix does so many gorgeous MC looks) that I should revisit my take on MC's eyeshadows.

The haul I received was comprised of 5 eyeshadow samples (1/4 tsp in JARS yes!) and 2 full size lipsticks.

The eyeshadows I ordered were:  Alexandria, Pyramid Scheme, Helios, Chartreuse, and Stonekeep

 The lipsticks were:  Violet Banana and Rose Plum ($5 Twitter special)

Violet (I keep wanting to type Violent-  Ha!) Banana- creamy lemon chiffon in the tube, but on is a slightly sheered pale yellow with a violet interference that needs to be seen in person.  Beautiful color!

Rose Plum- Plummy mauve, deep rose shade.  I think this is going to be great with a plum lip gloss! 

Here are swatches of the lippies and shadows.  I'll note where there's a flash.  The eyeshadows are patted onto Pixie Epoxy. 

First off, skin swatches of the lipsticks.  Since lips are usually pink, not flesh toned, I think these are always misleading for me when I see them.  It shows the color, but not how it'll look on someone's mouth.  Violet Banana is not a true yellow at all. 

Violet Banana has this beautiful pink/peach duochrome that appears on a pink base.  I'd love an eyeshadow like this too.  Shoot, even a highlighter like this would be cool to have.  VB doesn't apply opaquely, if anything, it can stick to dry patches, but the appeal is the hazy shimmery sheer effect and the shimmer of pink it gives off.  Third shot is with a flash, indoors.  I give this a total 'wow' factor for uniqueness and payoff.  Thank you Melissa!

 Rose Plum is a true mauve plum shade that is wonderfully opaque.  If I could sum up Morgana's lipsticks in one word it would be, reliable.  They just perform.  I find them a tad bit drying on their own, but I don't typically use balm beneath and if I do, they're buttery but with staying power.

It has a lovely shimmery silvered effect that keeps this color from being flat.  I love it- almost metallic, but not.

Below is with flash and kinda blurred.  Sorry 'bout that.

Next up are the eyeshadows!  Let me throw my 6 out of 10 out the window.  I've been really wanting to see these colors for a while and I'm so, so happy!  I'm even happier with the $2.50 1/4 tsp jar sample option- it's a huge amount for a very, very reasonable price.  It's more than enough to love a color without paying for the full size.

 Below is with flash:

Alexandria (Cleopatra Collection):  Foresty green hued chocolate brown with golded glow.
Pyramid Scheme (Cleopatra Collection):  Warm deep peach tone with ivory/gold shimmer.
Helios (Cleopatra Collection):  Brilliant greenish gold.
Chartreuse (Medieval Collection):  True yellow green with gold shimmer.
Stonekeep (Medieval Collection):  Rich olive hued deep yellow green with gold highlight.

Oh how beautiful these are!  They're very lovely- Alexandria just glows green in the jar!  I'm so happy I picked these up and they blend perfectly and don't need a lot to get good color payoff.  I'm completely satisfied with the quality of these shadows and now, I know I need to get a few more.  I should've done this a long time ago.

What have you gotten from Morgana?  I've got quite a list now and with these new samples available, I'm going to stock up!


The Peach said...

Very pretty colors! I guess I hadn't paid much attention to the Violet Banana lipstick before. Wow! Very interesting color!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Lovely swatches, I always love lip swatches! The eyeshadows look very nice, I have a bunch of MC lipsticks but only a few shadows...I should maybe get some more!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Peach It's such a strange color- hard to describe. It's def. a pale yellow/white base with a violet and pink duochrome. I love it on a red- makes a great shimmery coral.

@VulcanButterfly What lippies do you have? I'm sad I only have 3. I def. recommend MC's shadows. I am wanting more as well. Lordy, my makeup stash never ends...