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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Blush in One Too Many review and swatch

 Morning to you!  It's so beautiful today!  The sun is literally just beaming over the mountains and bouncing off the lake- it's enough to get me to run outside.  Almost!  My computer is being eaten alive by issues that seemed to attack while I was googling "Jennifer Lopez American Idol makeup".  Now I have all kinds of browser hijacking malware going on and my computer is going to be fixed today by the husband.  I just don't have the patience to mess with it and he likes being handy.  I'm appreciative.  Otherwise, I'm going to get my nails backfilled, conquer my dishes, and keep my date with Bob Harper on my tv.  Boy oh boy, do I love me some Bobness in the a.m.- sometimes it's all that gets me through those eternal sets of lunges.  But you didn't come here for lungey Bob- on to the blush!

Make Up For Ever HD microfinish (whatever that means) cream blush in "One Too Many" or # 7...Behold!

First thing that got me, was seeing how small the bottle is.  People hold it up and you think it's comparable to the HD foundation.  Um, nope.  It's eensy.  10 ml though is (optical illusions aside) plenty of blush to keep you going.  There've been a ton of reviews on this, so we all know the pump is lame, dispenses too much, and you have to do a halfsies pump to get the right amount that will last forever, overall.  It does dry quickly and has a tiny bit of pearly shimmer to it, so work quickly on moisturized and covered skin.  I think it's meant to be a companion to the HD foundation from MUFE- I've found it works on any type of foundation, cream being the easiest.

The ickle blush and HD foundation side by side.  Aw, it's a marriage.  One Too Many/#7 is described by MUFE as a "peachy beige" and I call it warm salmon pink. 

 Below is a little swatch from Sephora's site and I think it's a dead ringer for what you actually get- surprise!  Unlike MAC whose online swatches are anyone's guess sometimes...I'm happy I got what I expected, although it looks more rose in the tube.  To apply, I barely pressed the pump down, not even halfway and got enough to do this, which for me, is a nice amount for my face.  Indoor light below, sorry it's dark.  Can you see my mound of Aromaleigh in the background!  They look like little makeup troops!

Below is direct sunlight through a window (hence the yellow-er tone), but the salmon shade to this is so lovely and comes out so pretty on skin.  I would recommend this for light to medium skin tones.  I'm afraid it would be ashy on anyone NC40 or higher.  BUT if you wanted a dolly look, this could work.  If you're darker skinned, go with the deeper berry shades.  For someone like me, this is a good match.  Probably the best of the bunch.

Eensy amount well blended...Nice blemish huh?!  Right in the spotlight!

Here's the blush with just a quick look I did to go shopping and run errands.  I won't list colors unless someone wants me to, but I'm wearing One Too Many with aplomb.  I rubbed it in with my fingers high on the cheekbone and it is truly sheer and like second skin.  Grateful to not see a cakey pore in sight.

I picked mine up at Sephora and it was $25 for .33 oz or as I mentioned up above, 10 ml.  They are expensive per se for one item, but considering MUFE's quality and professional following, I'm going to grab a couple more to round out my selection but may keep these as kit only.  Hope you try it and let me know if you do!  Have a lovely day and off I go to hang out with Bob!

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