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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lash Extensions Before and After: The Long and Short of it

Hi there!

Happy Easter!  It's overcast and gloomy here and I'm feeling a bit weather disgruntled.  I grew up in California where by now we'd all be larking through the sunshine in our short-shorts.  Here, I'm slogging around in my winter coat.  Bah!  Come on Summer!  But clouds aside, I wanted to share my experience with eyelash or lash extensions.  I've wanted these for a while, but was put off by the narcissistic cost of it.  $75 for something that lasts 4 weeks and $40 for fill ins?!  Um, NO.  But if you find someone who charges less and is reputable, are these worth it?  Take a look at my lashes, before and after.  I'll visit with you, while you make up your mind...

Lashes before, blonde and sparse, but thick.  Nothing too bad, but nothing too great either.  Kim Kardashian, I am not.  (Ahem, she gets extensions, I'm willing to bet a million bucks).

From the side where I look like a laundry worker who's about 56 years old and spent her life over a bucket full of lye.  Yeah, hot, right?

My lash extension girl Nicole (Eye Stylist? Lash expert?) was very helpful in explaining to me as she went.  She's a talented makeup artist and does lash extensions full-time as it's what works best for her.  She propped up a massage table in my living room, complete with cute zebra print coverlet and had me lay down.  She took a few before's (sad little snaps you've already seen) and told me that no, it wouldn't hurt, and yes, I'd love it.  She situated me so I'd be centered and at a good working distance on the table, snapped on a lamp, had me close my eyes and relax.  She asked me what kind of lashes I wanted- natural, long?  I said, "Super glam!"  She laughed and explained the total process would be about an hour and a half and would I need a blanket?  A blanket?  As in nappy time?   Turns out I should've taken her up on her offer because lying down after a while makes you cold. 

To get started, she used medical grade tape and affixed my lower lashes down (so they wouldn't glue to the uppers during the process- sealed eyes are a bad thing, I take it) and it didn't hurt.  It felt weird, but not painful.  She combed out my lashes, applied a few protein removing/cleansing serums to get things all hygienic-like.  Then the extensions began.

Nicole separated the little individual lashes (that truthfully looked like pubic hairs in 10 g jars) onto a sponge according to size.  I wanted drag queen long and curly so she picked 14mm extensions with a C grade curl.  That is RuPaul level.  Perfect!  To apply the lashes, she used long tweezers to open a space on my lashline where only one lash was visible.  She'd dip the extension in a black glue (that is seriously vaporous and will glue your car back together if you need it to- it's a medical grade adhesive) and then sliding the glue'd little lash onto my own lash, would get it just right for length and direction and then pump a bit of air on it to dry.  She did this with a bulb- like the ones mom's use to get snoogs out of their babies' noses.  Hey, it works!  Nicole did this over and over, with each of my lashes, until they are long, black, and lush.  Crazy thing is, the extensions are directly bonded to each of your lashes with a black glue, so they look scarily real- even very up close!

Nicole was great, working steadily while I chattered and even while my cat climbed up to see what was going on.  Lying on a table exposed for an hour or so will make you shiver- so take it from me, get a cover to keep warm.  It took the amount of time Nicole quoted, about an hour and a half to get both lashlines fully extended.  Why do I keep thinking, "Pimp my Lash?"  Obviously I don't get paid for my jokes.

The final result!!

If you have a wonk eyelash, the extension will follow the natural direction of your lashes, but I like it.  It seems more 'real'.  Here I am, with my lashes all long and fierce!

For placement, Nicole applied them more centrally on my lid and avoided the tear duct because she said sometimes they'll irritate people if the extensions go too close to either end of the eyelid.  I'm glad she did because they are so long, you'd struggle to wipe at your eye or apply makeup if you had every single little lash suddenly an inch long.  I might get a few shorter ones near the inner eye and then longer still at the edge next time- but look at these!  Wow!

After it was done, you do have a sense of being sleepy and heavy eyed.  I left feeling a little puffy from laying, but loving my new look.  They shocked me at first, they looked so well, fake.  But after an hour or so I felt so sexy.  I felt like I had Bambi eyes- so lush and young and I don't know if I can go back to my normal eyes.  These are like the best falsies you can buy- but they don't come off!

Here is one week after extensions:

And here is 3 weeks after extensions (second month of extensions with one refill in between first appt- so I am due for my 2nd refill in these shots below):

Overall they last about 5 weeks and I wasn't super careful.  I applied mascara, I cried a little, I worked out- I lived my life.  They do itch a little as they release the glue bond on your lashes, but it's not horrible.  I also noticed that as I refilled my natural lashes were shorter and more sparse.  I didn't lose my lashes but I did feel it took about 2 months for them to regrow to normal.  Update November 2013:  I stopped getting them filled as I was too busy with school and my lashes are completely normal.  I don't feel extensions cause permanent lash loss or damage.

For fyi- Nicole charges $50 for an initial application and $20 for a fill.  She told me if I'm careful these could last up to 4 weeks (depending on the oiliness of my eyes and natural lash growth/replacement cycle).  She advised that I don't wear mascara and if I do, water based.  Same goes for products as anything with oil breaks down the glue.  I use a disposable mascara applicator to comb these lovelies out and so far 24 hrs later- they're on and I LOVE them!  It's weird to have my lashes hit my sunglasses or have my hair snag my peepers in my sleep.  I also had a struggle showering, because I rub my eyes and was pretty squinty, keeping the water out....but they held on!

My husband says he loves my 'big, bright eyes' and for me, I don't feel so porcine- with my close set, squinty eyes.  I don't know if I could rationalize $40 every 3 weeks for them, but Nicole is very affordable and I'm going to add this to my maintenance list.  Let's see, hair color/blowout, nails, lashes...what's next boobs and tan?  Good grief?!  No thanks.  At least not until I hit 40.  For now though, I consider these to be an A+ invention and I plan to keep it up.  Great thing is, this has simplified my makeup.  I have awesome eyelashes and I hardly use mascara and my makeup just looks more powerful and effective with lashes like this.  I'm so happy I did this!

Nicole is available for appointments in the Northern Utah area and is a doll.  Feel free to make an appointment with her at 435.650.0333.  Tell her Tianne sent you along!

How about you?  Do you like your lashes?  Would you get extensions?  Tell me honestly- I'd really like to know!  Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading my blog!

Have a great day,



MartianDelights said...

I was disappointed with having my eyelashes permed and tinted, but this is definitely ONE VERY NOTICEABLE CHANGE... Couldn't really justify the cost though, but I guess it's probably one of those things that you do notice the improvement when done, get used to them, and then once they have to go you get totally depressed with your own stuff... I'd be too afraid that might be the case if I couldn't afford to keep up with the treatment...
You look amazing with them on though !

krista carlson said...

They look amazing on you. I love them..

The Peach said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! I can't believe the difference in your before and after pics! Your lash extensions are sooooo long! Looks like you had a great experience!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great post, this is really interesting, I had no idea how lash extensions were done. They look just fabulous, I kind of want some now!

Cydonian said...

These are crazy pretty... I'd love to try them but I'm scared to have stuff near my eyes, lol. I'm so weird. I can't believe how long they are! (btw, I know 2 people with lashes nearly this long naturally... it's crazy!)

Ki said...

Oh wow, look at 'em lashes :D very cool!

Robyn said...

Ohmagaaaaa... wow! You look like a Disney princess! I'd love to see how these last :)

a girl named Sam said...

Wow, they look amazing on you! By the way, your eyes are such a pretty color and they suit your complexion so well :)
My boyfriend has super long lashes that make me super jealous (not quite as long as these, though!) When he was little they used to get tangled up and irritate his eyes, ans they still bug him, lol.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@MartianDelights Yeah I don't like the price, but the girl who does mine really was generous with her discount. I LOVE them! LOVE! How did the perming/tinting go? I just wanted falsies permanently and this was the ticket. Weird at first, but 2 weeks in, I am hooked.

@Krista Thank you!!

@Peach You bet! I'm always curious about beauty trends and I'm glad it was helpful. It was a great thing to get done. I'm super happy.

@VulcanButterfly It's a weird process to have done. It almost feels like your lashes are being snipped at with scissors, but the after effect is total WOW. Especially for someone like me with spiky blonde lashes. If you get them, post photos! You're so beautiful you'll be a supermodel with them!

@Cydonian oh those genetically gifted girls. I lost that lottery. It wasn't too bad as my eyes were closed during the whole application. They watered a little as the glue is vaporous, but it wasn't ever uncomfortable. If you can handle falsies, these aren't any worse.

@Ki Thank you!!

@Robyn! Thanks! LOL! So far, 2 wks in, I've lost a handful, but you couldn't tell by looking. I'm in love with these babies!

@Sam Thank you! Don't guys always get the greatest lashes? Lucky man!

CourtneyVeronica said...

Does your lash artist work in bountiful?

CourtneyVeronica said...

Does your lash artist service Bountiful?

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Courtney! Her # is:
(435) 650-0333 give her a call. She is wonderful!