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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Date Bait is first rate!

Images above courtesy of Silk Naturals

I'm always on the hunt for something that is going to even out my face.  Something that will brighten and neutralize my skin tone without looking cakey, powdery, or uber shiny.  I think I found a really good contender in Silk Naturals' Date Bait "Tinted Perfection Powder".  It's under the Face section in the category Finishing powders, subheader of Perfecting Powders.  Sounds like a goose chase?  Click HERE.  To be honest Silk Naturals' website isn't difficult, but sometimes it's easier to get a direct link, right?  What's also nice is that it's offered in regular formula and Vegan.  The only difference is the non-vegan formula contains silk powder.  I opted for the vegan, not because I'm anti bug powder per se, but because I thought, "Why not?"

Silk Naturals describes Date Bait thus: 
"Shave Your Legs and Put on Some Cute Undies!

This is Date Bait. It's our bronze tinted Perfecting Powder that's a little bit bronze, a little pink and 100% gorgeous.

Each customer uses this a little bit differently. Our more medium toned clients use this as their Perfecting Powder to hold their makeup in place.

This isn't a deep dark bronzer so even the really pale girls can wear this with no problem. It's great for faking a tan, or perk-up your skin in the winter.

This will help control oil, but won't dry your skin out. It also has a lot of light diffusers in it so your skin will look smoother and more radient."

The circle above is the Silk Naturals' site 'swatch' of the shade.  It's really off.  The actual formula is no where near as peachy, but more of a tender mauved flesh with a hint of pearl to it.  It's really beautiful- the color I wish my blush could be sometimes, but paler.  Like perfect vampire skin.  *don't stop reading because I wrote that ha ha*  Below is my photo of the goodies in the jar.

Swatch on skin, just a sweep onto my hand, first shot is indoors, no flash.  Second is with flash. 

You can see a bit of pearl to it, but it's not intended to be a dew effect or glow.  It's just a nice way to soften youf face.  Mica is great for tint, silica absorbs oil and blurs your skin for that velvety soft focus effect, and iron oxides...fill me in, are they a base?  I need to bone up on my ingredients.  So here's me below, no makeup except for mascara.  I have good skin, but a lot of pink and some aging and shine.  Granted I'm lucky in the skin dept.,  but I got shafted from the neck down, blah.

Same thing, but I applied Date Bait all over my face.  I wanted to show what it did to skin, not just makeup.  I can see a softening, an evening out of shine and skin tone, and well dang it, I just look better.  It's not a skip for foundation or primer, but for ten bucks in a jar- it's great to sweep on to keep the zombie-I-just-woke-up skin at bay.

Zooming in, face with nothing but mascara.  Ha ha, camera 1, camera 2, camera 1, camera 2 (sorry bad 90's joke).

Above is with Date Bait!  I totally feel like I can see a difference!  It's more appealing in real life, where you don't look greasy or powdery- just well, pretty and fresh.  That's the word I was looking for- it freshens your face.  I'm really happy with it and I want to order a few huge jars of it, so I can stock up.  I have a lot of glows and finishers, but this one I tend to reach for when I know it will work.  I'm on a huge Silk Naturals spree, because I'm realizing how good they are.  I'm seeing the same trend in blogland out there, so maybe there's something in the air?  Either way, tell me if you can see a difference and if you use finishers or would use this. 

Silk Naturals Vegan Date Bait (non-vegan formula available that contains Silk powder)
30 g jar with 1 tablespoon of product, $9.95 US
Sample is 5g jar with 1/4 tsp of product (about 5 applications, full face), $0.75 US
*Tbs sample bag available too (sweet, refills!) for $8.95 US


Marion said...

I love Silk Naturals. You have great skin, the pictures make me want to try Date Bait but it is probably too pink for me. I love Tempt Tryst though.

denise ❤ said...

hi!!! I dont see a big difference but you look look fresher! You are beautiful by the way, you have amazing skin!!! ^_^ :))) I loove the color of Date Bait, wow! thanks for swatching and showing the color!

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Marion Thank you! I'm going to try Tempt Tryst next. How do you like it? Similar 'fresh' look as Date Bait?

@Denise Thank you and hello! What nice things to say. Try a sample and tell me what you think!