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Friday, April 1, 2011

Camera Dump: Photo Death Overload

Good freakin' grief but I never blog anymore!  Plus the new editor has me all confused.  So if my text is all over the place and my photos are the size of a tic tac container, sorry LOL I have NO control over this! HA!  I knew I had a lot of looks and such I wanted to post and catch up on, so instead of doing many, I created one huge mongro post of photos.  Grab a cuppa and check them out or just scroll really fast down the sidebar :).

Eyes:  High Voltage Mystery on lid, Meow Miw (Egyptian collection) on crease
Cheeks:  NARS Mata Hari
Highlight:  J Lynne Candlelight Glow
Lips:  Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Creme in SweetTart

 Pretty flowers I bought at Costco for our dinner party.  Yeah neon daisies! 

 Face:  Clinique foundation that I don't like really.  Ben Nye cream concealer in Ch-01 Highlight
Highlight:  Silk Naturals glow in Heavenly (OH LOVE this! Full size is a comin'- will review- great dupe for MAC's skinfinish in Stereo Rose)
Eyes:  Silk Naturals in Action (lid), Magnum (liner), and Bare Back (lashline)
Cheeks:  Benefit liquid blush in something like "Climb a Vine" or something...should go look, but don't wanna.
Lips:  High Voltage in Cupid with Milani lip gloss in Sherbet on top.

Doh I have no idea....other than MAC blush in Blushbaby and Viva Glam 2 Gaga lipstick.  I like my shirt.  It's from Old Navy and I got it on sale.  Mmmm....sale....

This was a fun look with falsies and lots of color.  All Meow Cosmetics and Wet N' Wild gel liner in Black.  I think I used Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara in Black (my fave for drugstore)...man look at that blue!  It's Drunken Relatives from Meow's Christmas line.  I've got swatches too.  Lots to come.  I think the lips are MAC Creme D' Nude.

This photo cracks me up.  I am queen of the 'dead eye' look.  I look like I have no soul.  Lipstick is MAC Hug Me.  I'm on a nude kick lately.  I also need bangs.  I have the biggest forehead in creation.  You'd think I could pick up satellite tv with that thing.  Oy.

I liked this look too.  All Meow eyeshadows and that bright purpley violet is Debt from the Christmas collection.  Oh so pretty!  The blush is Meow too.  I've not used their blushes before, but I really liked it.  Not streaky at all.  Man I am loving Meow more and more.  Next up are some of the shoots I've been working on.  It's gotten seriously busy lately and I've got a lot scheduled (which is gleeful)...but my posts are sorely lacking because of it.  I'm trying to read and catch up on everyone else (especially Martian Delights and Victoria and Phyrra) but I'm really behind.  Anyway- pictures:

Same model.  I lightened her skin tone for the first shot using Ben Nye for a icy pale look with peach lips.  Lipstick is a mix of Lime Crime Cosmopop and MAC Myth and Underage lipglass.  Below is her natural skin tone, which is olive and so pretty.  Below I did a 'natural' look using Sleek MakeUp's Sunset Palette.  Lips are MAC in Myth with Milani Sherbet gloss on top.

 Valentine's Day shoot below- one is anti with a broken heart tear and the other is pro- lots of pink and dolly-like.

Next was a shoot with Colton for a contest in V Men's Magazine.  He's a director and actor and a lot of fun.

Okay gotta go!  Taking kids to a birthday party, grandma's house, and somehow, I've got to buy gas, which is like selling a kidney these days.  I love you guys for reading this and if you comment, my self esteem goes up immensely.  I need it some days.  *hugs*


MartianDelights said...

Tianne, really been missing you. I know how hard it can be to keep up with blog when things at home get so busy,but it's always nice to hear from you and see some of your looks :)

I really like your photoshoot looks, and Colton looks dead yummy, you lucky girl !!! :P

Nude lips look really nice on you, especially with a bit of shimmer :) And I love the Drunken relatives Meow look !

Until next time (impatiently) x

krista carlson said...

I love all the photos...You look awesome in them all. Perfection lady....

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

WOO HOO! I love posts with lots of pictures! Very nice looks, I especially like High Voltage Cupid on you!