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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burgundy Brows and Smokey Eyes and NEW Face Charts!

Whew!  I've been super busy lately but I wanted to do better at keeping up on my blog and have regular posts again.  Today my goal was to develop a usable face chart that is NOT MAC and is original.  I found a great shot of Lauren Bacall on Google that I felt was sultry and chic and smoldered.  Here it is.  Man alive, what a stare!

I used her face as the basis for my charts and drew out the details and tweaked it a bit..  With a little editing I have a usable chart now.  I'm going to have my husband smooth it out and even the texture of the background and make sure the text is spaced evenly, but for me today the rough draft was printed out and used for my LOTD.  I was so happy to get them done!  Score!  Here's the finished result with my look planned out.  Sorry it's small and unreadable :(  I guess it might click to a larger photo.  I hope it does.  Let me know if that works.

 My goal was to have a smokey eye with lots of black and deep grey.  From there I wanted a neutral face, plum/pink lips and burgundy brows.  Why burgundy?  I thought the hair color was cool and wanted to just throw it in.  Here's the eye makeup:

 Below is with flash.  Look at the rogue eyebrow!  Curses!

 Above was with flash, below is the full face in cool indoor light by a window.  I think it suits my skin better.  I tend to flush easily and the light outdoors helps tone it down.

 Another indoor shot with flash.  I try to get my camera to do clean flash shots but they always go dark on the edges and don't look right.  I tried to adjust it, but I'm camera deficient.  Ha ha!

And last, the chart to face comparison.  I wanted to get the colors right and I think I did it!  Even if my chart photo is kinda grey, in real life it's a dead ringer.  A lot of times looks get away from me and are a tad bit off, so I'm happy this turned out spot on.  *wipes brow* Whew!  I also have some haulage I need to share and will get to later this week, schedule willing.  Silk Naturals and Physician's Formula and Hard Candy are in the mix...keep with me and I'll post them soon!  I've been busy prepping for a reality show I'm working on this summer and a teaser film and possibly 3 more films.  Summer is goin' cra-raaaazay!

Here's what I used:

No primer, just foundation- Ben Nye CH-O Creme Highlight under eyes and Cine Fairest for foundation.  I applied with ELF's foundation brush and blended.
Highlight, Hard Candy Moon Glow powder in Luminous, only on browbones and upper cheekbones
Silk Naturals Vegan Date Bait finishing powder all over face- wow, this stuff is amazing!  Will review soon!

Silk Naturals Afterglow blush applied with MAC 120 brush

L'Oreal Fairest Nude
Fyrinnae Ice Cream Party Lip Lustre on top
Mary Kay Misty Lilac lip gloss

No primer- what?!  Nope :)
Benefit Bad Gal liner all along lower and upper lashline
Sleek Original Palette black over liner and on lid to crease in angled shape, ELF blender brush
Fyrinnae Strip Poker blended from crease up into browbone area, Wal Mart mineral makeup kit angled eyeshadow brush that I seriously love.
High Voltage Cosmetics Rumours blended into Strip Poker and finished off with...
Dark Heart Designs Paparazzi as highlight on browbone, blended into grey shadow and inner tear duct and along lower lashline.

Dior Diorshow
Maybelline Great Lash Big Brush (applied first for volume)

Maybelline lip pencil that is all jacked up and smashed into the lid.  Meh.  I don't care, I used it anyway.  I have no clue what color it was.  But any maroon/burgundy shade will do just dandy.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great idea for a face chart! I love those burgundy brows, they look awesome with the smokey eye!

krista carlson said...

Really cool face chart. I love the concept. The look is awesome..So pretty!!!

Dark Heart Designs said...

Hi Tianne! Thanks for using Paparazzi :)

MartianDelights said...

Amazing look ! I love how you do your face charts, so much more interesting than the boring internet templates :)