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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vicious Cosmetics: Swatches and Review!

Here's a haul I should've reveiwed weeks ago! I am ashamed *blush* While delving through my little stack of 'need to be reviewed' items, this next company I really wanted to feature so I'm glad it's up! Vicious Cosmetics (I love the old typeset labeling they've got going on) was a seller on Etsy but they also have a website: http://www.viciouscosmetics.com. There's also a FB page with news, swatches, and updates. I "Liked" it :). The products are listed as hand made (i.e. NO repackaging) and samples come in baggies and full sizes are 5g jars. I didn't see ingredients listed on the sample baggies or jar I received, but I think if you asked, you could get them. I didn't see them listed on the website either. But to me, that's no biggie. I usually don't worry too much.

Vicious mainly offers eyeshadows. They have an easy to navigate site and have a section for lipsticks, but I didn't see any for sale. I think they're fairly new and branching out.

Something that I'd love to try was a cool Lady Gaga collection of 3 shades (a shimmering gold, a plum tinged rose, and an icy flesh pink). But when I tried to click on it, it didn't work. I think it's not avail. yet.

Here's the color from Vicious that caught my eye-

Initially I came across Vicious when I did my Etsy trolling lol and thought their shade 'Silt' was a wonderful beige, perfect for a lid color. Beautious isn't it?! The owner of the company saw my post and sent me a full size jar to review along with two sample shades, Vapor and Plot Twist. I've got swatches comin' right up!

Look at the sparkle on these babies! Here's a description of each shade:

Plot Twist: Rusty plum based copper with gold glittery sparkle. Reads more purple than brown.
Vapor: Very velvety and deep mermaid aqua with green teal shift. LOVE this one!
Silt: Icy silvered beige with a touch of rose sheen and gold specks of glitter. A great lid shade. This is a beautiful neutral!

I really love what I got. It's not a TKB bump up at all. I really want to try more and I think the prices are reasonable at $5 for a 5gram jar. Have you tried Vicious? Did it make you mentally say "Sid Vicious" over and over too? Let me know what you think and I hope you give them a try.



The Peach said...

Very pretty! Plot Twist looks amazing! I think I have browsed Vicious' shop once. It hasn't quite made me want to order from them yet. I have been seeing some good reviews! Maybe one of these days I'll try some Vicious colors!

DazzleGlam said...

Silt looks amazing! I'm dying to try aquaholic I think its called... I don't remember, lol.

Thanks for the swatches :)