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Friday, March 4, 2011

Psyche Minerals: Swatches and Lovin'

Image courtesy of Psyche Minerals via Etsy

Mind the dust cloud as I blow it off my desk here and sit down for a good ol' post! I'm glad to be back! Thank you for sticking out my long draught of silence. I posted so much that I got a little burned out. But I love this so much, no way would I disappear. I appreciate anyone who reads this- thank you!

First up, Psyche Minerals. I came across this shop on Etsy and then I realized she was part of our little Mineral Makeup loving town and was happy I found her things. It's always a great feeling to see little indie shops sprout up and watch it grow. I was so impressed with the color payoff in her shop photos that I gushed a message to her and ordered some samples.

Before I get into the swatches, she's got a great sale going on. Her full sizes are 3g and if you use promo code LUCKY20, you get 20% off ANY full size! They end up being $2.40 per jar. I ordered 24K Coral, 24K Gold, Retro Pink, and Orion Slave. I've got swatches of 3 of those shades in this post.

For my first Psyche order I chose samples in: Wingsnake, Andorian, 24K Gold, Seven of Nine, Enterprise, Orion Slave, and Retro Pink. Each of these are hand made and I received them in sample baggies tucked into a stamped canvas drawstring pouch. She wrote the ingredients on one side on a pink sticker and on the other side of the bag, the company name and shade name. She shipped within 48 hrs of my order and all came safe with no spills!

Swatches of my order below, in indoor light at my table, swatched over Pixie Epoxy. Speaking of, Fyrinnae is closed for a bit for catch up. Dang it. The shade Angel's Whisper I received as a freebie. Thank you!

Angel's Whisper- Metallic hued gold with touches of medium tone brown.

Wingsnake- (more aqua than slate like the photos) green based aqua with silver overtone. Shimmer finish.

Andorian- Cool lavender touched high shine azure. Shimmer finish.

24K Gold- Bright coral pink with gold sparkle. Slight peach metallic tone in light. Duochrome sparkle finish. Not sure why it's named after a gold when it's really a coral pink, but still very pretty.

Seven of Nine- Deep bronze based metallic plumwine shade. Very rich, matte like texture with a low sheen.

Enterprise- Turbulence Cap'n! Concord grape rich purple with lavender sheen in light. Soft shimmer texture.

Orion Slave- Foresty ivy green with lighter warm yellow green flash in light. Seems to have a blackened base, but doesn't bleed black with blending. Satin finish.

Retro Pink- Bubblegum pink with high toned lavender sparkle, almost duochrome. Sparkle texture.

Finally, with flash. You can really see the deep bronze undertone to Seven of Nine and the lavender spark in Retro Pink.

I found these colors to apply opaque and smooth over PE. I appreciated that they had dimension and weren't so sparkly they'd be difficult to blend. I really think these are worth looking into and I plan to keep up on what Psyche has in store! Overall, A! Have you tried Psyche yet? What did you think?


MartianDelights said...

O-M-G Star Trek eyeshadows ! Hubby won't say no to me getting some of these !
Glad you're back girlie x

The Peach said...

Very pretty! Love Retro Pink! I'll have to check out Psyche next time I'm browsing Etsy!

DazzleGlam said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post! I'm very glad to see that you've enjoyed the shadows!. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

krista carlson said...

These look great...Another need to try...