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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palette: Silk Naturals UD Clone Kit

Hi there!

This kind of a post really gets me excited! I feel so lucky to be part of a blogging community that shares indie makeup info that sometimes gives us a leg up on being money savvy without losing product quality! Case in point- Silk Naturals' "Urban Decay Clone kit". This was something I've longed for, no scratch that, been dying for quite some time now. It's a killer deal.

Here are swatches of the Urban Decay Naked Palette, for reference...

Okay so I fibbed! These are swatches of the dupes from Silk Naturals! Pretty darn accurate for color matching, right? I'm so excited about these, I think they're lovely!

My schpeel about Urban Decay's Naked Palette- I don't own it and I don't think I will [Update 2013, I caved and not only bought the Naked, but Naked 2...I'm a weak, helpless puddle of good when it comes to makeup]. Temptalia has some great swatches if you want to see the shades in action. I feel the palette created a lot of hype at first (waiting list, anyone?) but has since trickled down into a 'nice but not must have' based on performance, as the mattes leave some to be desired. Also well, the cost- it's not bad for Urban Decay, but I get tired of paying $50 plus with shipping for one set of shades. The Naked does include a liner or brush, depending on which promo set you got, and a travel size primer potion, so I suppose it's a steal for UD- but what if I only wanted the colors? Plus I have a ton of eyeshadow already and I like jars anyway and don't need the extras. So after these conclusions, I was still curious about the shade roster of neutrals. However, I wanted to find dupes to save money and well, just to see if any were out there. When I saw Silk Naturals had a set that came out last year, I jumped on that like white on rice. You may peruse these beauties here.

In the photo below (the actual comparison chart I took the enlarged images from), the top row is Urban Decay's Naked palette in the flesh, er cardboard. Middle row are my swatches (over ELF's eyelid primer) of the entire set of Silk Naturals' UD clone kit under the corresponding UD shade. Below that are the Silk Naturals' online swatches of the same shade in a wee circle. I found those to be a tiny bit off- the swatches to me are the best indicator of color payoof. Here is the comparison chart, girls!

Shade descriptions, 6 at a time, first in warm natural light, second in cool outdoor light for your viewing pleasure. I found the first six to be the soft, fleshy shades and the last 6 to be the deeper more dramatic shades. You tell me.

UD Virgin= Silk Naturals Restless: Nice flesh toned low sparkle beige
UD Sin= Silk Naturals Trouble: Beige toned pink tinged frost with gold sparkle
UD Naked= Silk Naturals Bareback: Palomino pony camel brown, nearly matte finish
UD Sidecar= Silk Naturals Saddle Up: Nearly metallic gold toned caramel
UD Buck= Silk Naturals Stag: Earthy russet brown, matte finish
UD Half Baked= Silk Naturals Caliber: Gold flecked cream sparkle/metallic finish

Next six! Bring it!

UD Smog= Silk Naturals Scout: (The only shade I found to be not exact...like it should've been a dupe for Darkhorse instead, but wasn't. Go figure) Dark golden toned brown, deep lustre finish
UD Darkhorse- Silk Naturals Colt: Walnut dark chocolate brown with slight silvered metallic texture, very opaque
UD Toasted= Silk Naturals Loaded: Rosey gold flecked apricot beige, shimmer finish
UD Hustle= Silk Naturals Action: Coffee leather brown with tiny gold flecks, semi matte finish
UD Creep= Silk Naturals Magnum: Sooty charcoal black with silver flecks, semi matte finish
UD Gunmetal= Silk Naturals Blue Steel: Deep blue tinged graphite grey with silver flecks, semi lustre finish

I found the Silk Naturals set to be a great find! I loved the textures, SN has great customer service and Karen Stark and her team work hard to have accurate dupes with excellent color payoff and texture. I've never come across a Silk Naturals color that bored me. If anything, I wish I had more of their stuff. If you're familiar with Urban Decay, their shadows have a cult following, but if you read reviews, some colors are hit or miss. But they are a quality company that I think is worth looking into. I think it's a personal preference and for me, cost is a big factor. If I can get essentially the same thing for less, I want the deal. I'm not a brand follower per se. Here's how the dollars stack up.

Urban Decay Naked palette $44, (each shadow is 0.05 oz) and the set includes a Good Karma eyeshadow brush ($26 value) and a travel size Primer Potion ($8 value).
Overall total value: $78

Or you can save $ and buy...

Silk Naturals Urban Decay Clone Set: 12 5g jars (approx. 3g of product) at $36.

Total quantity comparison (shadows only): UD= .6 oz product, SN= 1.27 oz product
With Silk Naturals you're nearly getting double the eyeshadow for $8 less cost. You don't get a brush or primer, but did you want that, or the shadows? I've read the primer container is wasteful and the brush, well, I never pay full retail for brushes and not nearly $30 for a shadow brush, so I don't buy into the MSRP on those.

Color Comparison: If UD is the standard, I found Silk Naturals overall to be about 85% accurate at matching the original UD shade. The first photos I posted speak for themselves. I found Silk Naturals to be close enough, almost completely identical, based on my eyes. Scout was darker than Smog and a different shade (it seemed) but without Smog to personally compare, I'm going by eyeing it and call it as off a smidge. Bareback seemed warmer than Naked. I know it's a crapshoot to offer a comparison when I don't actually have the originals, but I've seen enough makeup to be able to eye it fairly accurately. I think Silk Naturals hit this on the bullseye.

Conclusion: I truly feel that if you want to get the same neutral shade range, if you're not a perfectionist and getting them all EXACTLY duplicated (but are so close it's not worth arguing about) and still get a great product at an amazing price (12 jars at $36 is $3 a 5g jar, wow) go with Silk Naturals. Support an indie company and love your shadows just as much as UD. I know I will!

What do you think? Do you think they're spot on for UD's Naked Palette? Did you buy UD's set- I'd love to get your take! Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate it.

Have a great day,


Phyrra said...

I thought SN did a great job duping the Naked palette :)

Gyp said...

I love to be duped! Its nice to know that you dont have to pay all that money for quality! Cuz the logic is youre paying extra cuz its the best. its nice to be wrong. thanks ma cherie!

DazzleGlam said...

I do have the ud pallet, and I hate sidebar because of the silver glitter fall out. Also I wish there were more mattes. I'm dying for neutral matte colors. Do you know of any?

Can you buy the sn ones individually or only as a set?

Hhmm I may just buy the sn set and either swap, sell, or return my ud one.

Thanks for the swatches!

Marion said...

Your swatches (and Phyrra's looks) make me want to buy half of the eye shadows. Almost all of my neutrals are from Silk Naturals and Urban Decay and I use SN much more often, some of the UD colours are way too glittery.

Baroque In Babylon said...

@Phyrra Hello! I was really impressed. I just got the UD palette and I'm going to do a comparison swatch post.

@Gyp Love you woman! I owe you like 85 phone calls! I think sometimes cheaper products are made in the same dang factory as the expensive stuff. I'm going to research it and see. But Silk Naturals is a GREAT company!

@Dazzleglam Hello and you're welcome! The best neutral mattes I've seen are the Aromaleigh Carolina Summer shadows. I think Inglot makes the best mattes too, but doesn't have as much shade variety. I own every single one of the AL shades though, almost. You CAN still get them on Ebay and they're worth it! Tell me if you pick some up! I believe you can get them individually which is great.

@Marion boo to fallsy glitter. I love SN...I really do. Thanks to Karen for such great stuff!