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Friday, January 21, 2011

Piano with Decoupage: Project complete!

Long time no post! I'm finally coming out of my cave. Here's some shots from the Golden Globes that have nothing to do with my piano. One thing I noticed is that Megan Fox no longer looks human. Where's her wind up key? I keep thinking if you peel off her face you'll see gears and metal plates. Weird! I love Sandra Bullock's dress though. Oh gorgeous Art Deco heaven! As to her hair, I feel like her bangs are too heavy and either she should've had longer hair or did a side sweep or something. I know she was going for rock chic, but that's my take. ScarJo....meh.

Image courtesy of People.com

I also loved the shock of red on Natalie's dress. I love blush pink with red and I think she looks beautiful. Michelle Williams is channeling Marilyn Monroe for a film project and I'm curious to see if she'll pull it off. I'm picky about Marilyn anyway. I have to say though, I think her hair and dress are hideous! Who styled her?! The look on her face in is like she's thinking, "Get me out of here, I need a burger." Anyway. Thought I'd toss these in because I love the glam and Hollywood luxury.

Image courtesy of People.com

Here's the piano! My husband tranformed it. It used to be that golden honey oak with brass trim and what not. Very 1988. I wanted it red, but not a bright red. More like a rich, Italain red with low gloss. No Liberace. I had Vintage Bella from Etsy design a decoupage piece for the music stand and I think it turned out gorgeous! All I told her was that I would love the Meytens 12 year old portrait of Marie with a nice blue background and roses. She did a perfect job! PERFECT! We used ModPodge in a canvas type sweep to give it a 'painting' look (can't see in the photos) and I loooove it!

My house is still so empty. I want to paint this room the piano is in a deep peacock teal. I want a bit of an Oriental/Baroque feel to it, with touches of gold, pink, teal, and red. We're putting in bookshelves on the left wall and someday I'll find some lamps and a chaise for reading. That's the end goal, anyway...it'll probably happen around 2034 or something. When I'm old....er.
What do you think? I'm glad we did this instead of leaving it original or worse, spending money on a new piano. I'd love the drama of a grand piano but no one plays in our house well enough yet to validate something of that size, so this is perfect. What furniture in your home do you want to redo?

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LiisK said...

Do not hurry, enjoy the empty space. Enjoy the possibility that you can make everything just the way you like it.
I have inherited the awful 70-furniture from my gran along with her appartment and have to live with it. I'd feel much better had I had to start out by myself, furniture-wise. You see - I do not feel comfortable in my own home... full of other ppl's stuff and there's no room for my stuff. There's no beauty in the 70s wall-to wall cupboards, they're terrible :S
I am also one of those that restores, I have a small cupboard that I love, restored but alas no room for it in grasn's appartment!