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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mane Taming: Brazilian Blowout

Alright chicas, I'm going to cave in and get a keratin treatment that's been controversial but effective- the good ol' Brazilian Blowout. It's not a waxing then coiffing affair of the nether-regions. It's a high protein fixative treatment intended to tame frizz, which I've got a nice headful of. I've read up on it plenty and my appt is Wednesday. My mission: Color (foils high and lowlights), Cut, and *drum roll* Brazilian Blowout. I'm debating on product since I already have Pureology and Matrix here at home. BUT I could really use the masque and the serum. That adds to the change. Estimated total? Over $300. WHY?

Cut: $25
Color: $80
Blowout: $140

Products (masque and serum): $65

Total: $310...not including tip

The blowout supposedly lasts 12 weeks and I'm hoping it will tame my coarse, curly ruinous hair (I home colored prior to Paris- a last ditch anti-roots effort). The cut/color is just the usual routine and the product is normal...the Blowout is the real humdinger, cost-wise. I am so curious though as to what this can do for my hair. I need something to get this mop under control.

I gotta know- what do you spend on hair care? I know in the US it varies by region. In Ohio it could be $99 for the BB- in LA, $300! So maybe I'm getting a steal by living somewhere in the middle and getting it for middle range prices?

Let me know guys, seriously. What do you pay to maintain your hair, cut/color/product wise. I'll be sure to post before/after photos. I really, really hope my husband doesn't kill me for the cost of it all, but then again, I've not *cringe* cut/colored/bought anything for my hair since oh this is embarrassing.....August. GAH!!! So I'm def. due!



KittenMittens said...

woahweee! The most I've spent is about $250 and that was a cut and mega bleaching and bright red dye put in. The little red dyes were 2/$40 alone, the cut about $40 and the rest was all bleach $$$$.

Now I just get it cut like every 6 months because I'm lazy and broke hahaha :)

Robyn's Nest said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your results. Every 10 weeks I get a partial foil highlight, cut and blowdry for $140 (includes tip). Sometimes I skip the cut if I'm not in need.