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Friday, January 7, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics Lip Whips in Punk and Cheap Thrills

Recently I was able to get a really great haul from High Voltage Cosmetics. She was offering a Facebook sale where you can buy 20 samples and get 20 free! I also used a gift set option to purchase 2 full size shadows, a Lip Whip, and an Amplified Lipstick for $15.00 US. DEAL! I also purchased a Lip Whip separately. Out of her generosity, Jasmine threw in a full size mystery shade that I'd been wanting, free. Thank you! It really was a great haul. I'm swatching the 40 samples and will post them soon. But for now wanted to share the Lip Whips. You can get yours HERE.

First off, Punk. It's a lovely salmon pink leaning towards the coral side, but definitely not orange. Oh man. I need a good shade like this that I can use a nude/gold lip gloss for and not look too washed out. How did this peform? Here's the color...

It's truly tube to lip in opacity. These are an affordable option to OCC Lip Tars (and better if I may say so) and retail for $6.25 a tube, each tube being 7 ml. These apply quite opaque and have the texture of melted lipstick, but not oily. I had to layer Punk a little bit, but once it's on, it sets nicely. They all have a peppermint flavor and don't feel heavy on the lips. I forget I have it on. Neat formula, it's surely unique. Not as wet as Lip Tars and I think, a better deal. Next up, Cheap Thrills!

Jasmine of High Voltage calls this Thrullian Pink- maybe I am living under a rock, but I don't know that description. I like the sound of it though- phonetically pleasing to me. It's a coppery mauve with a slight hint of brick red to it. It sheens copper in the light and is a bit of a metallic shade. I really like this one!

The tubes are nice- similar to VS Beauty Rush lip glosses, but thinner and longer- I think Bonne Bell has some small ones you get for a dollar or so that are very similar in shape, but Lip Whips are larger. The only trouble I had is that the formula was hard to push through the tube. Cheap Thrills' top actually popped off and I had to reaffix it. Now I know to hold the head of the tube down while I squeeze the product out. So far so good, it's not happened again.

I appreciate the variety High Voltage offers in these products. I absolutely enjoy the formula- Cheap Thrills does feel a bit drying, but it's not dry when you apply it. It doesn't creep into my lip texture and it could be that I've been out in the cold a lot and the peppermint is leaving a tingle. Either way, nothing I'm truly complaining about, simply something I noticed. It wouldn't stop me from buying these in heartbeat. I definitely want to get quite a few more.

Have you tried the Lip Whips? What do you think? I for one am a fan!

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