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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie and I are engaged so you can't have it!

Let me just say that Fyrinnae doesn't create makeup- they create jewelry for the eyes. Every time I open a jar I literally sit back and emit a breathy, "Oooh". Every jar! Even taupes (the ever so-called-boring shade) have a gleam. Sometimes I can't believe that the shadows almost glow. I want to paint my walls with it!

So I got a recent haul (shipping wasn't so bad, a couple weeks at best) and I have two amazing things to say about it:

One, Knight on Twitter posts hilarious stuff and every now and again when I'm on, I'll tweet back something not as funny in an attempt, right? I asked once if they had any of the shade Sluagh lurking around. He said to email Mr. F via the contact form on Fyrinnae's page, so I did. AMAZINGLY I got a super quick reply back that said yup, they sure had some and they'd give me a jar for FREE in my order! I clapped my hands and said 'Yippee!' because I couldn't find Sluagh anywhere and my hopes had sunk for ever owning it. When I got my order, sure enough, a full size Sluagh and I were united at last. I'll post on that shade soon as it's goooorgeous.

Second amazing thing.................just LOOK!!!

If you love sparkle (check) and if you love holo (check) and if you love Fyrinnae and know what they are capable of (double check) then you will die for Dinosaur Plushie. NOTHING will prepare you for how beautiful it is. I was thinking, 'Yeah yeah sparkly, probably glittery and pretty, I'll love it!' No. I adore it. It's this slightly lavender-lilac-esque silvery non metallic grey that bursts into an iridescent holographic rainbow of fantastic delight! I'm overboard I know, but this is truly a stunner. I proposed formally and let Fyrinnae know I'm marrying it. Lookit why:

Below is the image provided on Fyrinnae's website and it's pretty dang close, but it doesn't capture how light bounces off each sparkle like a diamond, but better. Seriously, if you have $2.00 somewhere (dig through your car) buy some. Shoot I'll buy you some!

Here's how they describe this shade:

Product Information

A flamboyant, eclectic dinosaur covered in glitter, perhaps. Name is unrelated to shade...as usual. This shadow is very similar to, but out-sparkles Equality, and is a true bright silver, not taupe-hue. Dinosaur Plushie is filled with much more multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light. Transparent over most primers or applied dry (don't apply this dry unless you're going for that all-over disco queen look), but over sticky base, like our Pixie Epoxy, it is a
gleaming metallic silver with many flashes of colours. Swatch picture below is pitiful - cameras cannot caputure this properly.

When they say a camera doesn't capture it anywhere on Fyrinnae's descriptions, I know I'm in for a winner. I think Dinosaur Plushie is an incredible eyeshadow and it's surprisingly wearable. I did a quick (read: not fabulous) look the moment I settled down enough to grab a brush. I used Sleepy Hollow and Javan Rhino on the outer V and the rest is Dinosaur Plushie goodness.

Sparkly kinda silvery.... but then POW!

What do you think? Do you like this much glimmer- do you own Dinosaur Plushie? Or am I just freaking out? I dunno...I'm convinced this shade is one in a million. Go buy it. You'll love it.

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