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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Forest Sprite or Wood Nymph look with green glitter lips

Brian Froud "The Wood Wife" courtesy of Google Images

Image courtesy of Google Images

Hi there,

Oh gosh, today was a weird day. Above is me messing with the coloring of the photo on Photobucket because I was so annoyed with how crummy this turned out and got bored. I like the lips all sparkly, reminds me of the drawing above- with the blue and peach toned skin.
Ugh- I call this a semi fail. I really tried on this, but my skin looked haggard (frown lines haunt me) and well....it just didn't wow me at all. But I'd give it a solid E for effort. I wanted a Wood Nymph look with a bit of woodgrain look to the eyeshadow. It all crumbled with the wood grain- it's not very well, grainy. It just looks stripey or something. I'll have to work on this technique. As for the total face- The rest is okay, the green is a bit off....but here it is. My semi-crapola Wood Nymph.

Below is with flash- you can see the red gleam to the gold glitter. Awesome glitter-ness!

Here's what I used for this look

ELF eyeshadow primer, patted on with fingers
Ben Nye creme foundation in p-5 Natural Fair for honey oak colored base
Aromaleigh eyeshadows in Pure Lustre Fiona (shimmering ivory taupe), Pure Eyes Lustre Sophie (flesh colored beige with a hint of golden brown shimmer), Carolina Summer Mattes Marsh (sandy golden beige matte), Les Papillons Thalia's Revenge (deep cocoa brown shimmer), all in varied lines and swirls attempting to look like wood on the lid with angled liner brushes from MAC and Silk Naturals
Fyrinnae Eternal Innocence (hunter green shimmer) on outer V swept in upward wing motion with ELF contour brush
Aromaleigh L'Orchidee Seed Pearl (rainbow-shimmer green fire ivory highlight) on browbone with same brush as above, for highlight, also dotted on inner eye.
NYC liquid liner in Jet Black, from tube brush on lid and upper lashline, winged
ELF eyebrow duo in Medium, creme used on top of black liquid liner
Erno Laszlo eyeliner in Coffee on brows, drawn in from pencil
Mascara is Maybelline Great Lash BIG brush in Blackest Black
Lashes are from Hong Kong, one eyelash cut in half, affixed to the outer edge of both eyes with Lash Duo adhesive
Gold glitter from craft store patted onto outer V with fingers
Green glitter dotted under eyes with fingers

Ben Nye color cake foundation in Cine Light Beige on Face for darker skin tone, applied with no name kabuki from Wal Mart :)
Icing by Claire's bronzer in who-knows-what-there's-no-name (mosaic patterned bronzer) for contour and warmth, applied with ELF angled foundation brush
J Lynne Cosmetics glow in Candlelight on upper cheekbones and bridge of nose, with above angled foundation brush

Icing by Claire's bronzer (no name again, lame...print a name Claire's for the shade!), striped pattern, similar to Smashbox's lites stuff, in desert-ey hues for blush

Gold and green glitter from craft store patted on with fingers to a thin base of Hi Fi Cosmetics lip glaze in Corrode. More gold on top.

Have a great day,


LiisK said...

Impressive. Very nice detail work.
I like the pics with the cold light.

(In warm light the pinkness in skin starts to clash with the green. I have problems with that myself - with green&blue eyeshadows I tend to become a total miss porky :S)

Baroque In Babylon said...

You have the most gorgeous alabaster skin I've seen. I do have to work at the ruddiness being toned down...that's hilarious you said Miss Porky because my running joke is that I look like Miss Piggy and I HATE it! I have little porcine eyes and a turned up nose. Drives me batty. So I have to use a green tone constantly under my foundation or go neutral with the face or else I'm pink city.

LiisK said...

Same here. I simply cheat with lighting. Usually I try to go to northern windows during summer so it'll tone down the redness. During winter it's gray all the time, then it's difficult to find enough light to make any pics at all :)

I hate to look pink - I do not understand folks who tell me, that since I have a cool undertone, I should wear pink foundations (and become even more pink in the process??).
Nah, better to go with fair olives, that already contain some green.

MartianDelights said...

You should get into MakeupZombie's new theme, about zombies (duh obviously !), you'd have a blast !