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Friday, January 7, 2011

Eyelash Jewelry and Fire looking lips using Sleek Sunset Palette + Ombre lips!

Hi there,

Sorry this post is gag me with a picture heavy spoon. I swear to you I'm not narcissistic, it's just there's no one else willing to sit with me and do this. Well not today, anyway. Went with the husbs to see 'Country Strong' tonight and I think the main guy is the same dude in Tron. Either way, he's a charming one and if he sings the vocals in this film then he has a rather nice trembly voice. I want the soundtrack- Gwyneth Paltrow warbles quite nicely in the movie too! Overall I liked it and Tim McGraw did a swell job as the main character's husband. I give it 1 1/2 thumbs up! But here's the makeup. If you get sick of the photos, just scroll down.

The star of this look are these WONDERFUL eyelash jewelry accessories I've got on! I ordered these from Etsy (you can get some too HERE) at Spirys' shop. She creates these and I picked the pair with the polymer clay apple and orange bits. I love orange colors. True to what she claims, these were light, easy to wear and not too hard to get on. I messed mine up a bit and didn't bend them to suit my eye shape and so they're not quite flush with my lashline. Forgive though, first time using them. Would you try these? What do you think? They're $10 a pair and I think for the statement they make and how creative they are (they held up just fine to my gluing and bending) I think it's quite a nice find! OH and p.s. they apply with regular lash glue. I used Lash Duo adhesive.

Here's what I used for this look:

ELF eyelid primer, patted on with fingers
Sleek Sunset Palette dark red with MAC shadow brush, swept into v shape on outer V and outer corner of lower lashline and swept up towards the browbone at a 45 degree angle
Sleek Sunset Palette orange patted on with same brush as above in outer half of lid, blended into the red v
Sleek Sunset Palette yellow patted on with Elf Studio contour brush in center of lids and center of lower lashline
Sleek Sunset Palette light peach shade in crease, same brush and method as above
Sleek Sunset Palette in darker peach (bottom row, farthest right) swept side to side with MAC shadow brush on inner lid and duct and inner portion of lower lashline
Sleek Sunset Palette blue shade on browbone, blended into red and also dabbed on inner tear duct and slightly blended into lower lashline, all with ELF Studio contour brush
Aromaleigh Fiona on browbone as highlight, swept on with ELF blender brush
Sleek Sunset Palette black on lower lashline, near lashes and inset of outer crease for more 'oomph' with ELF Studio contour brush- also wetlined with Silk Naturals bent liner brush on upper lashline
Mascara is Cover Girl Colossal Lash in Glam Brown (I love that name...like brown is glam, ha!)

L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer on nose and cheeks (I have bigger pores there and this smoothes them a bit) with fingers\
Ben Nye CH-0 Ultralight Creme Highlight under eyes and at 45 degree angle to sharpen outer edge of shadow and conceal undereye bags and circles (my fave, bags and circles)
Silk Naturals glow in Heavenly for warmth applied with Chanel kabuki in swirling motion
J Lynne Cosmetics foundation in Ivory Cool 1.2 used same brush as above on outer portion of face
Silk Naturals Perfecting Glow powder in Crystal on cheeks and bridge of nose- my cheeks are so red blush can be heavy, so this helps cool it down, applied with Estee Lauder blush brush

Silk Naturals- see above :)

Besame Enchanting lipstick in Besame Red lined onto entire mouth with Hong Kong Ebay special liner brush
Sleek Sunset Palette in this order: Red, Orange, Yellow (lined as well on edges)
Hi Fi Cosmetics lip glaze in Corrode on center of lower lip only (as pigment lips are dry)

That's it! Tell me what you think of the eyelash jewelry! If enough people like it, I will have me a little giveaway! Oh and in case you were thinking about this, these removed like regular falsh lashes and I peeled off the dried glue and with a bit of makeup remover wipes (Neutrogena), they shined up good as new, right back in the box for another day.

Have a great day,


LiisK said...

I really like the way that orange color boosts the blueness of the irises - splendid deep blue :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you LiisK!