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Saturday, January 15, 2011

14 Swatches of Meow Cosmetics Eyeshadow, Blush and Liners

Meow Cosmetics is a company I think really has a lot of beautiful eyeshadows. They're $8.00 for a 5g full size jar, which I find on the expensive side. I usually wait for sales (which they have frequently along with free shipping) or just sample a few and then buy the ones I really love in full sizes. I'd like to do more, but it adds up quickly, so I hesitate.

Their customer service has been excellent and they're generous with samples and ship within their stated time frames with no leakage. My favorite part about Meow is that I know I'm getting something complex and pretty- nothing really flat or boring. However, I wish they had a search box so I could type in a name and find it. Maybe they have one and I just haven't found it. It would've made shopping easier for me. The website is a little tricky because I forget to scroll down to see the individual colors to tick for ordering. I'd like the website to be more efficient to use. However, their graphics and selection are wonderful. I'm still waiting to delve into foundations- it's a bit overwhelming at first and I'm pretty experienced and finding a decent shade.

I also like that they have such great collections during the holidays that come back. I'm still holding out for Skeptic come the next Friday the 13th! I grabbed a few of the Christmas ones (Blitzen from the Reindeer collection being a total fave) and hope to expand my ownings of Meow. They also offer 10%-15% off ScandalEyes when you order a full size set HERE.

On to the swatches! All of these were done on the back of my hand, foiled over Pixie Epoxy indoors. First photo is natural light, the second is with a flash.

Descriptions of shade below and in brackets, the collection they come from so you can find them on Meow's site. I found the colors to be a bit different than what was online at Meow- not disappointing, but not the same shade you'd expect.

Fornicat: [Feliners] true aqua shimmer

Wine O' Kitty: [ModernEyes] deep brick red brown with low shimmer

Reality TV: [Guilty Pleasures] aqua with purple duochrome

Sick Days: [Guilty Pleasures] wow color! Icy periwinkle with aqua and pale blue duotone flush

SETI: [Alien Abduction] medium golden beige with slight gold tone

Implant: [Alien Abduction] cool ivory frosted sea green with hint of golden sage

Chocolate Truffle: [Guilty Pleasures] Caramel touched chocolate shade with a bit of gold

Playful: [Cat Eyes or Mattes] Described as a pale yellow, but I found it to be a flat ivory hued flesh tone. Swatch from Meow's site below- I think it's off quite a bit from what I saw on my hand. *These are also $8.00 but you get a 10g jar- WAY better deal!

Water Lilies: [Masterpiece Blush] pinked out mauve

Graceful: [IdealEyes] Described on Meow as a 'medium aqua shade' but I see it as a pale, frosty cool blue.

Dour: [Shattered Equinox] Weird, looks purple in the bag, swatch on the site is brown and described as 'midnight plum with golden sheen'. I see it as a deep brown plum with copper shift and spark.

Retail Therapy: [Guilty Pleasures] rich ocean slightly green touched blue with aqua shift

Carnivore: [IdealEyes] rich cranberry wine shade with a touch of orange- slightly persimmon

Rainy Day: [Simple Pleasures] soft watery slate blue with a lavender tone.


KittenMittens said...

2 places to make searching a bit easier,
1 is the site map here: http://www.meowcosmetics.com/Meowsitemap.htm but some collections aren't on there (like Wild Child) so you may also wanna bookmark "what's new" (also on the site map page:

I kept losing the Egyptian Treasures because it's not listed on the side and I remembered the Site Map :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks! I will do the bookmarking thing. I wish they had a search box though. Would help me a ton.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks! I will do the bookmarking thing. I wish they had a search box though. Would help me a ton.