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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vintage Bella, a seller on Etsy I adore

One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is Vintage Bella. I've been wanting to review them for a while and if I'm gushing, it's because they deserve it.

I am a sucker for beautiful things of a bygone era. If I could dress in various time periods without creating speculation on my sanity, I would! Vintage Bella has just the kind of shop I like to sigh over. The owner Heather, does amazing graphics work and offers all kinds of lovely trifles like vintage tins, stickers, and wonderfully crafted business cards and stationary. Heather is delightful to work with and very consistent in communication and best of all, she delivers wonderful products in tight packaging and she has always exceeded my expectations.

My favorite lip balm of all time is Vintage Bella's Marie Antoinette Pink Cake (soon to be relisted I hope). I loved it so much I pitched a fit when it was stolen along with my ADORED 24k Pumpkin lipstick from Morgana when my car was burgled. Heather sent me a replacement and with it 2 other lip balms. They were the Blueberry Muffin and Cherry Frosting and I was in a dilemma as to which was now my favorite. I have to tell you they each smell just like the fragrance, but better. Here's Marie holding her Pink Cake balm :)

They have a nice smooth, slick feel but not oily or greasy. I used my lip balm all throughout the freezing winds on Salisbury checking out Stonehenge to the top of the ice riddled Eiffel Tower. I didn't chap at all. The fragrance is realistic and aromatic but not overwhelming or cloying. If anything I appreciated the burst of yumminess, which fades nicely with wear. They don't have a specific taste, which I also prefer, but don't feel or taste waxy or chemical. I have to tell you, these are my favorite lip balms.

Image courtesy of Vintage Bella, editing by me

They are $3.00 US for a standard sized tube (1.5 oz) which has the winding rim on the bottom to push the product up. I like that Heather double affixes the label so it doesn't roll off and the graphics hold up pretty well. I was using that Pink Cake like a fiend all throughout France and it hardly wore on the label.

Heather also designed for me a 50 pg notepad (similar to this) with a Marie Antoinette graphic and a striped pink background with my name at the top, in a border. It is beautiful, high quality and I use it daily for shopping lists and notes. I've also ordered a series of Marie Antoinette postcards. The images are crisp and the paper stock is heavy without being too stiff.

She also created a custom oval piece we're decoupaging to our newly red piano. Once the piano is done being reassembled, I'll post photos of it. To get the decoupage piece, I supplied Heather with the measurements and the basic idea for what I was hoping for and she sent me the most gorgeous graphic work- my piano will be tres magnifique! The paper quality was excellent and the colours were very vibrant and her graphic use isn't amateur. I'm so proud to use her work in my home.

Honestly, if you want business cards or something personalized or just to try that delicious lip balm, Vintage Bella is my first recommendation. If you try VB out, tell her Tianne says hello!


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