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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleek Makeup Original Palette review and swatches

I picked up 3 palettes from Boots off of Queen's Way in London and I loved it! So much easier than paying shipping and wait.ing. The first one I swatched was the Original Palette. You can buy yours here.

This palette I think is a great anytime 'go-to' set of shades. If you're wanting a bit of color but nothing too wild, this would suit. I am a fan of the waffle weave on the pans because it seems to haunt me somewhat. The texture of the shadows feels so soft when I swipe my brush, I wait to see if the little squares crumble and smooth out. I keep waiting for the weave to disappear and I'm a little OCD about it. So far, so good. But I check that every time I use Sleek palettes. Weird.

Here's a closer look at the shades, top and bottom rows, first 3.

Top Row, L to R-
Deep charcoal Black, Royal Purple, Dark Navy blue
Bottom Row, L to R-
Champagne, Salmon Pink, Coral Taupe

Above are the last 3 of the top and bottom rows.

Top Row, L to R-
Sky Blue, Teal, Sage
Bottom Row, L to R-
Copper, Brown, Light Sage

I used Aromaleigh Eye and Lip Primer with a square tipped shadow brush, indoor light, without flash for the swatches.

Black is sooty and non sheen. Great for liner. Purple was a nice deep shade but typical of Sleek, lots of shimmer. Navy had an almost black/green tint to it, but a beautiful contouring or crease color. Sky Blue, bright and shimmery. Teal was my favorite in this row, a perfect teal green/blue with decent shimmer, nearly pearl- misleading in the pan, it's not as blue as it looks. Sage is a soft yellow green and lots of gold interference.

Champagne was very gold...not so much ivory. Salmon Pink had a bit of gold to it as well, but still quite peachy pink. Coral Taupe reminded me of a penny, rather coppery but looks pinkish in the pan. Brown (sorry so unoriginal of a moniker) was a nice poo shade and shimmery. Hooray for shimmery poo! Light sage was a silvery yellow green that had more yellow when worn than I suspected by looking at it. Nice though.

Overall, I like these palettes. They don't blend as smoothly as my loose pigments do, but I find the shimmer and color payoff make up for that. I enjoy them and find myself grabbing them when I need pretty makeup on the go.

Sleek Makeup is located in the UK. Shipping for US gals can be pricey, but considering what you get, order a few at a time to make use of the shipping cost. I would also check out the palette in Storm.

Would I purchase again? You betcha and I did. I own Storm, Original, Sunset, and Acid. In the UK they cost me 5.99 pounds but I got them during a 'buy 2 get 1 free' sale. They sell online at www.sleekmakeup.com for $11.75, shipping is a very ugly $13.75. Ugh.

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