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Friday, December 31, 2010

Persephone Minerals My Parents Are Hippies collection

Pre-Post Announcement: Persephone Minerals is offering buy 3 get 2 free (non-senshi shades, say that 8 times fast)! Also Sailor Moon series is on sale, will go up to $30 after the holidays!

Okay so I kinda lied, ha ha! This isn't the Hippies collection just yet, but I'll get to that one after I talk about the freebies in my order, I promise. I wanted to share my thoughts on Persephone Minerals. I saw some great reviews on Phyrra and it made me curious, so I checked out the Etsy shop. I loved the duochromes of so many of Victoria's shades, I ordered some. I picked up the My Parents Are Hippies mini collection and Victoria threw in 3 freebies. The freebies I'll start with first. Here's what I got:

Sugar Doll: Coppery gold shimmer with beautiful pink duochrome...seriously. Love.
Elysian: Mahagony with copper duochrome and slightly magenta tone. It shifts all over, very pretty.
Forever: Green casted gold with golden sparkle.

I made a pinwheel with the shades instead of regular swatches because I wanted to blend them together. These were very easy to blend. Super smooth and didn't have a lot of fallout. Oh yeah, I put this wheel on my arm with ELF eyelid primer first- a primer I don't like much, but am trying to use up. But for a dollar, I guess I shouldn't complain too much...it's just kinda thin and blah. Here's the pinwheel-

I was so impressed with the color shift of it. Straight on, Forever is gold-green, Sugar Doll is copper gold and Elysian is a dark brown almost metallic. BUT in the light or when you move, coppery pink flies out of Sugar Doll (that sounds kinda ick) and coppery golden fire is all over Elysian. I firmly decree that Persephone Minerals are wizards and color shifting shadows. Amen.

Here's the My Parents Are Hippies collection. There are 5 shades and none of them are truly bright and 2 stood out to me: Magick Brownies and Floyd Pink.

Here's a swatch photo, indoors, no flash on top of ELF eyelid primer. I wrote 'Dead on Facing Photo' because I usually take my photos overhead at a bit of an angle. But these had a nice shift in the two shades I liked best so I wanted to show the difference looking at them straight on. Floyd Pink looks baby pink and Magick Brownies looks brown. But if you move...

You see a beautiful green cast to Magick Brownies and a coppery magenta fire in Floyd Pink. I love that shift!

My Parents Are Hippies mini collection
Yellow Submarine: Bright marigold yellow with some pink sparkle...but really, mostly yellow.
Free Love (Now reformulated to be different than my sample, will now have teal and aquamarine sparkle): Deep sky blue with pale blue shimmer.
Far Out: Slightly coralesque pink with champagne shimmer.
Floyd Pink: Duochrome shade of baby pink base to a coppery magenta coral fire. Yow!
Magick Brownies: Duochrome shade of base cocoa brown with a touch of emerald green base, shifts to sparking green, red, and purple.
Smoke: Muted royal purple with lighter purple shimmer.

Overall, my impression of Persephone Minerals is that it's a really lovely beginning company! I think Victoria is charming and definitely onto something. I've only placed one order, but it was accurate, mailed in a bubble packet, and shipped quickly. I received my order within a week. I've not read any reviews where things were late or spilled. So, I feel confident ordering again.

As for the products, I love the complex duochromes in her shades like Pink Floyd and Sugar Doll and Magick Brownies. I really want to get her Sailor Senshi Mars set because Crystal Mars Power is calling my name. It's like sparkling coral gorgeousness to me.

I do wish however, that her full size shadows came in 5g jars instead of 3g jars. I'm sure it's plenty, but I'm so used to 5g jars that I am hesitating to order only because I want the larger jars with what seem to be more product. I am not up to date on particle weights and various jars to know what is truly more...but I just want the bigger jar, filled to the sifter. A small complaint though, I think.

I do like Persephone and her Exotic Dance collection has some stunners. I plan to purchase more in the future! Her Mars Senshi set is on my list!


Amber said...

What a cute name for a collection! I love Far Out And Magik Brownies.

And those color shifters are gorgeous! I'm totally picking up those colors right now.

Baroque In Babylon said...

I agree- this collection cracked me up a bit. If you get these, I would love to see your swatches! I am lemming so many of Victoria's shadows...

liquoredonlacquer said...

great collection!! :) and I love the way you swatched the freebies Ive never seen that before!