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Monday, December 20, 2010

Name changes and layout changes and Twitter changes. All kinds of changes!

I wanted to take away from the focus of my personal name for my public blog. I have decided to step away from really doing makeup much professionally. Why? Because I found I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. What I do love is this private space and my ever growing makeup collection and keeping my thoughts my own. As I get projects professionally, I'll write about them, but I want to keep my personal info more private.

I chose 'Baroque in Babylon' because it's a play on words. I love Baroque things...the whole era of decor and the 18th century vibe a la Marie Antoinette. It's also phonetically a match for 'broke'. A feeling many of us beauty bloggers can relate to. I'm often waaaay over my makeup budget- but I love the stuff so much, I always seem to squeeze in a haul or two.

As for Babylon...to me it means a place of exile or a place apart that is wild and free and foreign. That is so appealing to me. So I wanted to use this blog as my own space to be broke and free and dream up all kinds of foreign things...like getting back to Paris (hence the photo of the Trinity church in Paris in the header).

Hope you stick around and I'm excited to turn this new leaf (however gilded it may be)!

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