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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nails Inc Warwick Avenue manicure

I am in love with this polish. I struggle with nails. I can't seem to be consistent enough to have them stay nice. I used to get acrylics, but can't afford it much lately, so I took them off. Then my nails looked like crack homeless lady nails for a few weeks while they ripped and chipped and finally grew out. Now they're normal, but short. Plus I have flimsy nails so I seem to ignore them out of spite.

When my husband and I were in London I picked up a UK Glamour that came with a polish for 2 pounds. Yeehaw! It's a baby pink color called Warwick Avenue. You London girls might know that street...but to me it's just the name on the polish that sounds cool.

I've never used Nails Inc before, but here's the link to the shade for purchase: Nails Inc Warwick Avenue

This is really a great formula. I am a sloppy nail polish applier and this goes on smooth and even with a thick application, I don't get bubbles. Even with OPI I get bubbles! My favorite aspect is the feel of this polish when it's on. It's almost a latex feel to the nails that makes them feel, I dunno, sturdy? It is glossy and the sweetest plush pastel pink. I have tried reds and deep wines and greys/browns to be 'cool' but this color suits my skin tone without being too 'precious'. Last thing I want is to look like a 1974 Clairol ad with frosted lips and pink nails.

All in all, I love this color and if I could afford it and lived in the UK I would get more Nails Inc. You nail girls out there, I see a lot of Zoya/China Glaze/Essie/OPI posts....but hardly any Nails Inc. How come? UK bloggers...what's your take? Is this too pricey? I'd love to hear an opinion on this polish. As for me, I love it and would like to get more colors of this brand.

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