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Friday, December 31, 2010

LOTD: A White Riot with Vampira because Rapunzel Had Extensions

Hi there!

I am absolutely in lust with Rapunzel Had Extensions from Fyrinnae. It's this stunning apricot/salmon/coral peach shade that shines gold and then hot pink. It's so beautiful. My camera just didn't capture the shift at all. I want to eat a big jar of it. Nom. Nom. So I based that shade for my look.

Here's the face with flash. I hardly do flash photos as I look so ruddy. It shows my budding wrinkles more too- this was the only good shot out of like 15. I'm in bitter denial when it comes to aging- I refuse to acknowledge it and then obsess over finding a good anti-aging cream. Any good ones you guys know of? Right now I use Olay Microfirming and Sculpt at night and NuSkin Q10 during the day with Neutrogena SPF 15 (should be 45, I know).

I can't stand so many photos of me, so I have to goof it up a little bit. Can you tell I'm 'sold' on Fyrinnae, ha ha!

Not to gnaw this bone to death, but I'm 33 now and feeling like the ravages of time are starting their march on my face so there's a banner for my current mood. OLD! I'm grateful I have a youthful face for being in my 30's, but I'm really taking a look at my health habits and skincare routine. Truth be told, I'm lazy about both...so I need to do better. Do you ever feel that way? As for the creams I use, that's hit and miss. I don't even wash my makeup off at night. BAD, I know!

Lorraine over at Martian Delights caught herself sneezing one time and posted the pic. No kidding, I was just about to take a photo and had to sneeze. Lorraine, this one's for you :)

Here's me feeling sheepish, post sneeze.

Here's what I used:

NYC concealer in Ivory on eyelid and below, applied with fingertips as a pseudo primer/base
Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions patted on to the center of the lid, slightly above the crease and the center of the lower lashline (swept in sideways motion), with ELF studio contouring brush
Aromaleigh White Riot patted onto inner portion of the lid, same height as above and inner tear duct and into lower lashline with ELF studio contouring brush
Aromaleigh Vampira patted onto outer V and outer 1/3 of lower lashline and blended into RHE on lower lashline with angled shadow brush from Hong Kong
Aromaleigh Hearts A' Plenty blended onto browbone and around Vampira with ELF blending brush
Aromaleigh But This Is My Dream blended in between RHE and WhiteRiot on lid with ELF blending brush
NYC Jet Black liquid liner close to the lashline and winged on top, applied with brush in tube
Maybelline Great Lash BIG mascara in Blackest Black used with wand vertical to extend lash length (and make use of a nearly dried up tube, blech)

J Lynne Foundation in Ivory Cool 1.2, applied with off brand Wal-Mart kabuki (kinda rough on the skin, no recommendo).
Silk Naturals glow in Cupid on cheekbones and bridge of nose and forehead, applied with MAC 129
J Lynne Candlelight glow very, very lightly, same as above, applied with ELF flat top kabuki brush.
Aromaleigh Voile 1C on bridge of forehead and chine and under eyes, applied with MAC 129

Smashbox Radiance blush on apples of cheeks, applied with MAC 129
Silk Naturals Cupid glow high on cheekbones, applied with big fat blush brush from Hong Kong

Fyrinnae Bare Shoulders Lip Lustre, applied with wand in tube
Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions tapped onto Lip Lustre, with fingers
Jessie's Girl gloss in Tangerine, applied with tube from wand

Have a great day,


Cydonian said...

I really love this color combo! May have to try it.

liquoredonlacquer said...

new follower ♥
I love the look! :-)You did a great job blending, its stunning! :)

BLIX said...

Hiya! I'm responding to your question about Kryolan liner. You can get it here:

You look lovely BTW. :-)