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Thursday, December 23, 2010

J Lynne Cosmetics Candlelight Glow and Treasured Multi Dimensions eyeshadow swatches and review

I finally purchased a full size of J Lynne Cosmetics' glow powder in Candlelight! They had a Christmas 30% off sale, so I grabbed one. It saved me around $3 off the regular price of $12 for the 20g jar. However, the rather inflated shipping of over $4 ate up my savings. Let me say here and now: J Lynne, your shipping is too high. I don't like it and it keeps me from ordering more.

Here's the jar, shrink wrapped, with a label on top, the ingredients are listed on the bottom label and a white dot label was affixed over the sifter inside. Not a speck of leakage during shipment. That, I always appreciate.

Candlelight is part of J Lynne's "Original Collection" of glow powders and described on their site, http://www.jlynnecosmetics.com/ as thus:

The soft, illuminating, air-brushed look of pure beauty ... That's what our
Mineral Glow powders will bring to your skin! Imagine the warm glow of
candlelight, and how it seems to make your skin look softer, smoother, and lit
with a natural, youthful glow. Our loose mineral powders create that same look
of warmth, using pure mica pigments to lend a soft color to your skin. Use these
silky powders on your face, neck, and decolleté ... Try them as sheer eyeshadows
or blushes ... The results are positively glowing!

Soft, sheer ivory. Perfect for highlighting and a skin brightening

The shade in the jar is a very delicate ivory flesh tone. I have the sifter label above to show a reference to white. I love glows like this...it's like angel skin. I have a swatch coming up and my thoughts on the product, but I also had a sample in my haul. J Lynne offers a free gift with every purchase (read: one sample) and the one I chose was a Multi-Dimensions shadow. I received the shade Treasured.

Here are swatches of Candlelight and Treasured. Both applied on bare skin with a bit of water, indoors without flash.

Candlelight does what I think a glow should do. It imparts a soft focus effect that smoothes texture out, has a bit of gleam to it that looks dewy or fresh on the face and isn't full of chunky glitter. I prefer a glow to have a tad bit of pearl and blend smoothly. If it sparkles I feel it looks unnatural. I want a 'lit from within' look and this glow delivers 100%. It's my favorite glow. I absolute love it and can't complain one bit. This is refreshing as my usual take on J Lynne is 'meh'. That brings me to the shadow Treasured.

Treasured is a sandy golden brown with gold glitter. It's nice, but compared to Fyrinnae it's just a brown shade with glitter. I did like it, but again the jar size, usual cost of samples at $1.25 (which is high) would keep me from being thrilled. But I want to be! Nothing wrong per se, but nothing fabulous either. So I'll move to the product that I love, the glow.

Here's a shot of my face with half foundation (Aromaleigh Voile 1C) and half bare. I do have liner, mascara, and lipstick on both sides.

You can see my face is pretty matte on the side with foundation. Even tone and really without shine. I applied the glow to that side of my face and here's the result:
Can you see the gleam on my chin, nose, upper cheekbone, browbone, and forehead? That's all from the Candlelight. I wish I could've photographed this better, but it's a testament to how wonderful it is that it photographs so naturally. Honestly, this is Holy Grail for me and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Overall Opinion: I wish the shipping at J Lynne were cheaper and sales more frequent as they're expensive, in my book. The regular full price for the Glow is $12.00 for 20g (samples are decent, about a week's worth if you're a grinch with it, cost $1.50 in the heinous huge jars) but if you find something that suits, I can almost guarantee you'll love it. I adore mine.

Have you tried J Lynne's products, specifically their Glows? Do you use glow powder and if so, what's your favorite? I have a ton of Silk Naturals glows I want to swatch...so keep an eye out for those. I should do a comparison post. But for now, I am in love with Candelight and plan to use it from here on out.

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