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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

High Voltage cosmetics- new website!

One of my latest obsessions is High Voltage Cosmetics. I've been reading so many great reviews and tweets on their Lip Whips that I had to give them a try. I've used a few of their shadows for swatching from samples I purchased...but I'm waiting for a massive haul to do a decent review and swatchstorm. SO if you're like me and wondering what High Voltage is about, take a look at their new site: http://www.highvoltagecosmetics.com/

I'm a ding dong and wrote the addy wrong (thank you for telling me) so I fixed it...that's what I get for thinking lol

The things I've found are really improved are the home page and finding certain items in only a few clicks. However, trying to get back to home from say, the shimmery eyeshadows, is tricky as there's no 'home' button location. So I just refreshed my browser to the home address. Easy peasy.

The eyeshadows are broken down into colors AND formula and I find her lip shade swatches are addictive to check out. There are some skin swatches of eyeshadow shades, but some only offer in-jar close ups. More skin swatches would be great.

I've found that Jasmine is always friendly and in my recent order tossed in a full size as a thank you. I really appreciated that! She has some great new mystery shades and a Winter Solstice collection that have some beautiful blues if you're looking for something new.

Here's a small sample of my covet list:

*I want the black cream eyeshadow
*I want the Amplified primer
*I want the Lip Whip in Teenage Kicks and Class of '86 (I'm rhymin' now)
*Don't get me started on the eyeshadows....Material Girl, Heart of Glass, and StarBreaker to name a few.

There is also a killer sale: Buy 2 full size shadows, get 2 free. Buy 2 lip colours (not Lip Whips, those are out of stock until new containers come in) and get 1 free, and buy 10 samples get 10 free. I took advantage of the Facebook Christmas offer and ordered 20 samples to get 20 free. I will have major haulage and I'm SO EXCITED~!

Have you tried High Voltage? What do you think of their new site?



Cacau said...

Hiii! :D

I also LOVE High voltage and I really want to try the black cream e/s! :D
I'm also waiting for the comeback of the lip candies!

You forgot a bit of the website address (the 'cosmetics' part). It is http://www.highvoltagecosmetics.com

Baroque In Babylon said...

Cacau- oh gosh, thank you! I swear I get too excited about something and the typos go flying. It's a case of the fingers being faster than the brain :) I'd love to see the lip candies too...are they really coming back?