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Monday, December 27, 2010

Got gold? 55 Swatches of Gold Eyeshadows!

Hi there!

Silhouette Screams loves gold and got me to thinking. How many gold eyeshadows do I have and do they all look alike? So I sifted through my samples and jars and came up with a grande total of 54! I chose colors that looked gold or had a gold tone to them...not just blatantly metallic. After I swatched I realized some of these don't belong in the 'Gold is Cool' club and needed to be in a different category...i.e. Damn Paladins from Fyrinnae. BUT! Here they all are anyway...in their golden (and some not so) glory! 

Lime Crime Circus Girl- Bright sparkly yellow with a bit of gold. *pearl
Lime Crime Love Spell Glitter- Gold glitter. Period. *glitter
Lime Crime Cleopatra- Orange based bronzey gold. *shimmer (looks more gold in the jar that this)
Lime Crime Treasure Chest- More metallic yellow gold. *metallic/shimmer
Spell Antiquity- Brown based old gold pearl. *pearl

Hi Fi Religion of Resistance- Rich vibrant pure molten gold. *metallic
Hi Fi Glass Memories- Pale metallic gold. *metallic
Hi Fi Pale Jewel- Buttery golden yellow with magenta duochrome and spark. *shimmer
Hi Fi Bad Seed- Green tinted metallic yellow gold. *metallic
Hi Fi California Girl- Tan based ivory sparked golden beige. *shimmer
Hi Fi Fear the Nobodies- Gold leaf metallic gold. *metallic

Candy's Sweet Treats Golden 'O'- Metallic rich old world gold. *metallic
Suds N Sass Summertime- Ochre golden brown with a bit of gold sparkle. *semi-matte
Meow Treasure- Metallic yellow brassy gold. *metallic
Meow Heiroglyph- Rich blackened greenish old gold. *metallic

Meow Asp- Bright shimmering yellow gold. *metallic
Meow Obelisk- Muted ashy silvery gold. *metallic
Meow Temple- Gilded gleaming orange toned gold. *metallic
Meow Brazen- Matte gold toned warm brown. *matte/plush

Meow Miw- Glowing green and coppery hinted gold. *metallic
Fyrinnae Polar Bear- Icey beige pink and ivory tipped golden gleam. *shimmer
Fyrinnae Damn Paladins- Um...not gold at all really. LOOKED it though in the jar. Meh. Blue cast to a pale ashy taupe. *pearl
Aromaleigh Dazzle- Sparking brilliant gold. *glitter (hello.obvious)
Aromaleigh Ignite- Orange and yellow sparkling gold. *glitter

Aromaleigh Real Gone- Buttercup golden brown. *matte
Aromaleigh Heartleaf- Golden yellow green with blue spark. *metallic
Aromaleigh Re-Gifted- Tangerine touched golden copper. *metallic
Aromaleigh Party Dress- Screaming bright shining gold. *metallic
Aromaleigh Nocciola- Deep earth twinged golden brown with rainbow fire. *semi shimmer
Aromaleigh Bliss- Bronzed sienna copper with gold edge. *metallic

Aromaleigh Ambre- Deep olive and copper based gold with salmon and magenta spark. *metallic
Aromaleigh Darcelle- Green casted dirty gold with brilliant royal blue sparks. *metallic
Aromaleigh Golden Chrysalis- Frosted golden yellow with pumpkin cast and ivory sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Ginger- Silvery blue-grey touched with ashen gold. *metallic pearl
Aromaleigh Bamboo- Icy gold with pale sage overtone. *metallic pearl

Aromaleigh Nico- Bright fiery orange golden yellow with pink spark. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Airy Ethos- Mustard brown with gold fire and ivoery sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Luster- Peachy beige with golden sheen. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Gilt- Champagne beige with golden sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Lorelei- Ivory sparkled blonde gold. *shimmer (always makes me think of Marilyn in 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes')
Aromaleigh Arielle- Ghostly blue sheen to an earth beige with rosy tone. *shimmer

Aromaleigh Celinette- Butterscotch gold with yellow and champagne sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Fidelius- Golden tan with rainbow fire and sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Zeus- Pale cherubic yellow gold with pink and ivory sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Drink Me!- Straw golden yellow with pink cast and fuschia sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Zabaglione- Palomino tan with golden ivory sheen. *shimmer

Aromaleigh Fraud- Rich vibrant deep tan gold. *metallic
Aromaleigh Mutiny- Bronzed dark yellow gold. *metallic
Aromaleigh Alloy- Foggy silvery ashen gold. *metallic
Aromaleigh Gleam- Flaming thick glossy gold. *metallic
Aromaleigh Astonish- Champagne hued beige gold. *metallic

Aromaleigh Heatwave- Shocking tangerine with golden sparkle. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Italian Ice- Lemonade bright yellow with golden shimmer. *shimmer
Aromaleigh Ego- Dirty olive gold. *metallic
Aromaleigh Blast- Silvery green based blackened gold with blue and purple spark. *metallic

BUT for my all time favorite Gold eyeshadow (which sadly is unavailable, poo) is Darling Girl Cosmetics' Whiskey On a Sunday *TA DAAA!*

I realized after I did the name edit on this image that it wasn't the most appropriate photo caption.  I don't drink alchohol at all, but hey, I do love this color!

Well there they are- a whopping mound, a literal pile of gleaming gold eyeshadows.  I loved the depth and variety of the metallics. My favorites are Miw, Gleam, Fidelius, and California Girl and of course, Whiskey On A Sunday. What golds do you like?

Have a great day,


KittenMittens said...

I love it! It's like the gold challenge, I'm too scared to know how many golds I have now :s

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Kitten, thanks, it was a doozy to get all these sorted. I was surprised to see how many gold-tone shadows there are. I haven't heard of the gold challenge...but I like the idea!