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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Evil Shades Swatches for lots of pinks! Mmm pink...

I have my first Evil Shades haul to share! I'm really loving these colours because lately I've been on a coral kick. Anything remotely the shade of salmon and I want it. So this little batch was right up my alley. I ordered during a 'buy 2 get 1 free' eyeshadow sale and purchased Panic, Neritic, and Seraphic. I received a free sample in a clamshell of Valkyries, from the Mythology collection.

Valkyries- warm baby pink pearl
Panic- bright salmon pink shimmer
Seraphic- coral pink with pink and coral sparkle *gorgeous* the ultimate coral shade
Neritic- soft gilded peach with gold sparkle

The swatches below were on Aromaleigh's eye and lip primer, indoors with flash.

These colors shifted with sparks of gold and soft pink to even bright fiery salmon depending on the light. I really think I've found my holy grail peachy sunset shade in Seraphic. I love the gold aspect to it. It keeps it from being too 'cute' to me. I really enjoy this color! The shadows were smooth, stayed without primer (YES!), and really didn't have a lot of fallout. I'm surprised at how much I liked them. At $3.50 for a 5g jar, this is a fabulous surprise indeed. Thank you Evil Shades for being so top notch. Only thing I'd like is the jars to be more full. They had some room at the top and I would want it to be packed to the sifter.

Look at the color shift...so pretty. I wish I could have a dress made up of all these shades. I'd feel like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias- all covered in Blush and Bashful!

Next I ordered two blushes, Pinup and Ravishing. On the Evil Shades site, Ravishing is listed as having a purple shimmer or shift to it. I've read reviews that almost describe it as a morphing shade. In my experience, it doesn't have a purple hint to it, not even in daylight or soft light. It was just a nice coral-esque shimmery blush.

I received all of my items shrink wrapped with stickers over the sifter and sadly, did have a bit of spillage during shipment. I've read this has happened quite a bit with Evil Shades. But it doesn't bother me unless I feel it's a loss of product. I just had some Pinup along the inside of the mailer, but nothing huge. More like a bit of staining. That sounds gross, sorry.

I adored the pigmentation and peformance of these blushes! One thing that irked me was only having a name label on the lid. What if I forget which lid goes where? Then what? So I'd like to see some bottom labels with ingredients and name of the item. $5.00 US for a 10g jar that looks about 2/3 full. Again, I like to see my products completely topped off. For me it feels like it is more accurate when it's full. Optics are silly, I know.
Pinup- shimmery brick with rose shimmer
Ravishing- coral peach pink with gold and pink shimmer

Both of these blushes applied like a dream. They're sheer but buildable and not streaky. I found them to blend really nicely and not have a lot of glitter. I especially liked Ravishing. It was just a fresh peach shade that I think goes well with my pale skin. For the photo below I really piled it on just to show the depth of the shade. Just like a melba peach!

Swatches are indoors, no flash, with indirect sunlight on bare skin.
Pinup would be beautiful on Asian skin I think. Also someone with dark hair and very pale skin as well. I enjoyed this color, but I want to tan up and try this in the summer to take advantage of the brick/pink tone to it.

Here is Ravishing. You can see the shimmery beauty of it and how sheer it is. I really like this shade right now as I'm super winter pale (kinda fun, makes me feel fragile somehow). I appreciated how this color really freshened up my face but didn't look artificial.

Next up are the lippies! Above is 'Sinister' Wicked gloss. It's a blackened deep emerald glimmery shade. I really wanted to love this. Oh how I wanted to! But it applies on bare lips rather splotchy and it tasted awkward. I don't know how to describe it other than it was chemical. Smooth formula and lots of shine, but not a re-order item. I'm sad I didn't get thrilled.

The other lippie I got was a sample of 'Cursed Beauty' Deviant lipstick. I really liked this and I'm so glad I got to try another lip formula. Here's the sample clamshell:
Swatches below, indoors without flash on bare skin. Sinister looks so cool. I might try it on top of a matte lipstick, just to see if that helps with the adhesion. You'll see what I mean a few pictures down, durn thing.

Cursed Beauty- Bubble gum pink with soft pearly sheen *NOT frost like a Palm Springs 55 year old divorcee on the prowl trying to look 28...shudder*
Sinister- Oil slick deep blackened green

Man alive, look how pretty that is! I have wanted a dreamy pink like this for a while and I will probably get this full size someday. However, the sample is huge and it'll last for at least a month or two. Adore this.

So here's the Sinister. This was application no. 2. I tried the first time, it splotched and wouldn't create a smooth gloss of color. Wiped it off, tried again. Nope. It seems to separate or something. I don't have exfoliation issues and I usually don't like lip primers. Perhaps this is a more high maintenance product than to be swiped on bare lips. Like I mentioned, I should do this one with a lip color on first- perhaps that'll do the trick.

I tried Sinister, I tried!

Overall I really, truly enjoyed the eyeshadows best. They stayed like mad without a primer and blended with other formulas (like Aromaleigh) really well. I would definitely purchase these again. I want to get Coffin and Sweet Alice next. The blushes I want to try more of. I am checking out China Doll, Day Dream, and Atomic. Atomic especially looks like it would be interesting and morph-like. Oh gosh, makeup, I adore you!

Do you like Evil Shades? Have you had better success with their Wicked glosses? I'd like to know so perhaps I could make better use of the Sinister pot I have. No use just giving it dirty looks.

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