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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Battle of the Bronzes and Wines!

Today was a weird day. We were all crabby so I holed up in the office and read like 50 pages of Phyrra's blog although I'm not a weirdo stalker. In between that I did swatches of some of my favorite colors recently. I also ate a lot of buttery crackers and leftover yams from Christmas dinner. It was really a weird day. So here's the swatches I did, these were with flash over Pixie Epoxy.

From L to R:
Meow Cosmetics, Egyptian Treasures collection, Tutankhamun- gorgeous metallic cranberry with twist of coppery red.
Meow Cosmetics, Egyptian Treasures collection, Artifact- metallic coppery kissed brown with flecks of gold and magenta fire. *pee my pants gorgeous!*
Aromaleigh, Elemental Lustre collection, Torment- (wanted to see how this compared to Tut, but I think AL Elem. Lus. in Blaze might be a better fit)- fiery bronzed metallic wine/red
Fyrinnae Daemon's Tail- I've swatched this before and it was quite red and glowy, like firelight, but this time it looks almost purple/lavender...it's being tricky I suppose. A plum touched coppery metallic with a red fire.
Aromaleigh, Pure Eyes Frost collection, Raisin- I think of raisins as wrinkly and a wet purple black, but this is gorgeous...shimmering opaque pink/cranberry/brown/plum shade. Like the best burgundy velvet drapes with copper thread throughout. I wanted to lick my hand.
Aromaleigh, Bete Noire collection, Sabine- bronze based golden plum with deep blue and purple sparks of glitter.
Aromaleigh, Elemental Lustre collection, Underworld- this one threw me for a loop. How do you say gold/mauve/silvery/lilac/coppery/taupe/purple? It's like an explosion of the color wheel all at once with royal blue sparks and a gilded edge. In the jar it looks like a russet brown with hints of gold and blue glitter. But if you wear it....amazing!

Above was taken indoors, flash, room lighting.

Above was taken indoors, bathroom (i.e. yellowish) lighting, and no flash. Oh Raisin why can't we fall in love? Also Tut from Meow is to.die.for. I recently acquired Tut., Miw, Artifact, and Royal into my 5g family. They've adjusted nicely and I adore them and happy to graduate from samples to full sizes. Meow and Silk Naturals and High Voltage are my new obsessives. I'll probably push some Hi Fi, Fyrinnae, and Evil Shades in there too. Seriously...I need a job to support my makeup habit. What's crazy is that I never feel like I have 'enough'. Something always catches my eye. I'm sick I tell you. But at least I'll have lots of makeup!

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