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Friday, December 17, 2010

Back from the Dead! Sleek Original Palette look

I looooooved London and Paris and have so many wonderful memories from our trip! We took over 1400 photos and it changed me in so many ways. One thing I am really excited about is getting a chance to feed my makeup demon by picking up some Sleek palettes at Boots. One of them is the Original palette. I used that in my look for yesterday that I am posting today.

I found the colors to be, just by looking at them as this:

Top row, left to right (all had a high shimmer quality)-
Rich sooty black with charcoal highlight, Royal bright purple, Midnight blackened navy, Brilliant sky blue, Cornflower blue, and Robin egg blue.
Second row, left to right-
Creamy champagne, Peachy bubble gum pink, Salmon coral, Copper like a penny, Icy beige, and Silvered sage green- not grey at all!

Here's a close up of my eye. Well not exactly my leg, right :)

I just tweezed and that's the red spot. I have sensitive skin so I should've waited before taking pictures, but eh, I don't mind.

New mascara helped to elongate lashes, no liner makes it look sparse, but I didn't want to apply liner this time. I really wanted to focus on the shadows themselves.

To the right.

Looking down. I used 4 shades.

My new fave- nude lips. I think they look better with multi colored shadow.

I actually did my hair! The first time I've blow dried it and curled it since our trip. I've got a lot of hair and I'm usually lazy about fixing it. I know if I did my hair more I'd feel better and look better. I will have the bangs again when I go back to get a cut and color touch up. For now I'm rocking the I-dyed-at-home-blonde-with-orange-roots look. Yeah, sassy!

Ye olde mug.

If you look closely, you can see my laundry pile at the top of the stairs! Yeah, nothing says class like self portraits with natty drawers in the background!

Me being normal and our family gingerbread house. Instead of leaving it up to petrify, we ate it 10 minutes after making it. Best idea ever as it wasn't like chewing through concrete. It inspired me to make Gingerbread cookies. On the list before Christmas! You like my frosting work? Ha ha. All the kids pitched in to decorate it. Really a lot of fun.

But back to the makeup- If you live outside the UK, you can order your own Sleek palette here. There are also other palettes like Acid (brights/neons), Sunset (um, sunset colors) and a new Glitter palette that is on sale for $10 right now! I love sales- lurves them!


J Lynne Cosmetics Foundation in Ivory Cool 1.2

Aromaleigh Magnolia Blossom finishing powder (on apples of cheeks, bridge of nose, and under the eyes).


Evil Shades blush in Ravishing


Smashbox brow quad, blonde and medium blonde shades and wax


Sleek Original Palette colors:

Navy (top row, third from left) on outer V and crease, outer corner of lower lashline

Copper (bottom row, fourth from left) on lid and blended into the Navy

Silver Sage (bottom row, far right) on top of crease, blended into Navy

Champagne (bottom row, far left) to browbone, blended into Sage and inner eye

Icy Beige (bottom row, second from right) lower lashline, blended into Navy

Mascara Maybelline Falsies (LOVE but would like a stiffer brush) in Blackest Black


Besame liner in Natural

MAC Myth lip stick

Fyrinnae lip lustre in Lace Gloves (center of bottom lip only for shine)


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