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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical Swatches

I received a full sample set of the Astronomical collection from Kristen, just because she's darling. I know I'm like five dollars short and a month late on reviewing this it seems, but I still wanted to have swatches and share my thoughts.

When I got home from Europe, I saw this collection on the Aromaleigh blog and I wanted to see it so badly! I was really happy to see the padded mailer from Aromaleigh when I went to gather my massive pile of mail! I hadn't placed a recent order, so I knew she'd sent me something unexpected. When I opened up the pkg, there these babies were! Thank you, Kristen! I've always been so touched she remembers me when she sends things out to bloggers.

That's the backup story, so on to the swatches! All were foiled onto Aromaleigh's Eye and Lip Primer (third party product) and taken without flash indoors.

Nadir- Rose champagne sparkle
Event Horizon- Sparkly sky blue with a hint of green
Celestial- Baby frosted pink with ivory sparkle
Retrograde- Pinked plum with magenta and violet sparkle
Ephemeris- Pale champagne taupe with rainbow shimmer

Apogee- Muted penny hued rose with red and copper sparkle
Antimatter- Green toned smoke grey, low sparkle, more of a pearl
Blue Shift- Violet glowing grey-blue with lavender shift
Neutrino- Eiffel tower brown with blue sparkle
Mega Parsec- Plum touched sienna brown with a copper edge and sparkle

Azimuth- Fog toned sage satin, low sparkle
Pulsar- Fire orange with gold sparks
Extragalactic- Pearled muted silvery cranberry with silver sparkle
Fusion- Pistachio green with yellow interference and sparkle
Milky Way- Flesh hued ivory beige with ivory sheen and spark

Wavelength- Japanese sea blue with cornflower glitter
Perihelion- Champagne ivory with violet and rainbow fire
Crescent- Buttery yellow with pink sparkle
Escape Velocity- Deep navy/purple with purple and navy sparks
Binary- Iridescent pale yellow-green with pale pink glow

Dark Matter- Metallic old world bronze with blue glitter
Big Bang- Metallic silvery plum with copper and blue sparkle
Magellanic- Pinked copper with gold and green sparkle
Umbra- Soft silvery lilac with silver shimmer
Heliosphere- Clay ochre with gold undertone and red sparks

I found this collection to be well, gentle. Nothing really was a deep fiery shade like Pass the Tarts or in your face hued like Nyx. Instead these reminded me of a painting, all watery blue tones and soft pale ivories. Kristen was inspired by space and the beauty of the skies and I found this collection calming and very grown up. A fitting goodbye *sob* as each shade is complex but delicate. Like the flutter of butterfly wings or stained glass reflections. They were like half-colors almost. Like a memory.

Favorites were: Dark Matter, Mega Parsec, Perihelion, Pulsar, Umbra, and Wavelength


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw that you were looking for the primer that aromaleigh used to sell. Have you checked out the one from meow cosmetics? (it's called i-prime) I noticed that they seem to use the same 3rd party gel eyeliner that aromaleigh used to sell, (the shade names are all the same) and the primer looks similar that from aromaleigh v1. I also noticed that they sell 3rd party liner/shadow sealant that looks similar to the one aromaleigh used to sell. So maybe you'll have some luck with that!