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Friday, November 5, 2010

Willow Tree Minerals Swatches and Review

I ordered a few samples from Willow Tree Minerals from Etsy. I was drawn to them because the shoppe looked so pristine and pretty, with beautiful swatches like the colour "Rainforest" above. They kindly threw in a pretty blush, body shimmer, and lip colour for free- thank you!

I received the items in a standard envelope, with a business card and a brochure. The brochure reads with a lot of info on purity and the benefit of mineral makeup- which is alright if you're new to minerals. I want to get to the pigments personally! The first item I tried was the lip colour:

The balm is called Sugar N Spice and is a nice plummy red/pink with a bit of shimmery pearl to it. Above it's on my natural lip which tends to be a bit pink anyway. It's a pretty colour- sheer and soft. The one thing I loved was the flavor- it was soft and sweet and I really liked it. On the site they say it's infused with a bit of vanilla and stevia, which I found really appealing. The texture was smoooth and it held up even for a few hours. I was really impressed with the balm. Listed for $6.50 for 0.7 oz- kinda pricey for a balm if you ask me.

Next are the eyeshadows. I used Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae as a primer and well, the shadows kinda fell flat. I loved the colour of Glistening Grapefruit- but it was hard to keep on. I had to apply more and more and I kept wanting it to 'pop'. Here are swatches in daylight, no flash, indoors.

From L to R:

Glistening Grapefruit: Sparkling bright pinky-peach
Honey Drizzle- brilliant sparkly golden yellow
Rainforest- Deep nearly matte jungle green

Like I said, Glistening Grapefruit is pretty, but so hard to stack. The Honey Drizzle is a nice lemony yellow and Rainforest is a gentle green. I wanted to love them, but next to complicated colours like Spells from Aromaleigh, these just don't thrill.

From L to R:

Almond Drizzle: Pale yellowish taupe, nearly matte
Waterfall: Deep sky blue, like Nintendo Mario sky blue, low shimmer
Seagrass: Sage grey/blue/green with a nearly matte texture

Here they all are, lined up with flash. I like them, I guess, but I don't think I'll order these. They just aren't that great considering all of the other companies out there. I'll put this in the: Wish It Were Better pile. Below is the same shot, no flash, indoors.

Next is the blush and shimmery powder called 'body frosting'- which makes me think of a more lotion base, but okay...

Cranberry Passion blush- a rich berried pink, soft and easy to blend.
Body Frosting-
white based shimmer/highlight powder. Would be great as a glow but I didn't see a lot of luster or shine...kinda meh.

Again, they're nice, especially the blush, but I don't think I'll order these full size. I wish the wow of the products matched the wow of the swatches...or perhaps I'm just spoiled? Here's an eye I did with WTM below...

I only used Willow Tree products for the eyeshadows. I like how it turned out and my favorite colours were Almond Drizzle and Glistening Grapefruit.

Here's what I used where:

Inner lid: Almond Drizzle

Lid: Glistening Grapefruit

Rainforest: Crease and lower lashline, outer edge

Seagrass: Blended into Rainforest on outer V and lower lashline

Waterfall: Outer Crease

Honey Drizzle and Seagrass mixed: Inset of liner wings at the outer edge of the eye, for highlight.

Body Frosting: Browbone for shimmer

Eyeliner: NYC Liquid Liner in Jet Black

Official Take on Willow Tree Minerals

Would I buy from Willow Tree again: Probably not. I would like the lip balm if the prices were lower.

Product Quality: B, the balm was great, but the shadows were hard to layer and get good payoff from.

Prices: C ($6.50 for 5g jar)

Overall Opinion: The swatches are beautiful but the eyeshadows lack sticking power and are bland. The brand bored me.



Janette said...

I tend to agree with you. You can tell you had a hard time working with this product. It is unfortunate, because, I liked the pink grapefruit as well. It is as if there is no adhesive material to make it thick. Way to dry to work with. I agree on the price of the balm. I probably would not buy from them as well.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Sounds disappointing, but I think Glistening Grapefruit looks really pretty on the lid. Love the double liner too :)

TianneMarie said...

Hey Janette. It was hard to work with. I used Pixie Epoxy too, which usually will work like Gorilla Glue. I wasn't really thrilled, but wanted to be. Dorn it.

TianneMarie said...

Hey Sil. I loved the colour of Glistening Grapefruit and the balm was so yummy and lush....but the eyeshadows were such a hassle it was a fuss I wasn't willing to create again. I was bummed :(