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Thursday, November 11, 2010

To my UK friends: PLEASE find Gosh Holographic for me!

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Okay. Must have this. Like, really.
Can't wait. This is an emergency.

I live in the US where this is nary to be found. Is anyone willing to do a swap? I would love Gosh Holographic nail polish and Gosh Darling lipstick.

I will gladly work something out so that I don't have to run like a madwoman through London in the next 2 weeks blathering about WHERE to find these two items. I know they're on Ebay...but eh, maybe someone would like a trade and a nice letter from me.

Interested? Pleeeeeaaaase. Comment below and I will be forever grateful. Honest.

Lorraine, I love you! Thank you for sending me this beautiful polish and some Sleek and Barry M and Gosh............WOW! I am quite grateful and will swatch soon! Thanks again, friend :)


Janette said...

May be tough, they are no longer making any more shipments to stores. Only a few are on ebay. The worst is they are going for $12 or more. I checked the web page to find out how much they cost in the states and it is $9.50, which is reasonable for a good product. Don't know about how reliable it is, so if you get it before I do. Tell me how you like it.

TianneMarie said...

Hullo my love! We should band together then and get some. I love this colour and I guess it's not around, thanks for looking that up for me. It's cheaper than Chanel...but dang....it's so cool- are there others like it??

mama2reese said...

That is one cool ass nail polish!

MartianDelights said...

I don't mind having a look for you, but I am not going to town for a little while.

Have you tried OPI Designer Series varnishes? I own a few of them, and they're really easy to apply and the holo is lovely... I have heard the GOSH one was a bit hard to apply and it didn't look particularly nice in the shade... just thought I'd mention it.

If you want to check out the OPI ones, they do cheap ones on Ebay ($5 or so), I'll send you the links if you want :)