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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving at Our Home

I know I said I wouldn't post again, but I thought I would share some Thanksgiving traditions at our house. Like a lot of Americans, we bake the turkey (ours is a 20lb beast), cream potatoes, and open the can of cranberry sauce :). As I type, the turkey is in the oven, I've got wheat rolls rising, and the table is set with family on the way. We'll say prayer and have dinner around 2pm and probably watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special on DVD.

I'm happy to have such a blessed life and I haven't always had days like this. I am keenly aware of how good things are for our family and I hope you have this same peace and joy too. Here's a look at our house getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner...

Husband makes the pies and the turkey- he volunteered and I said, "Sure!"

Our daughter helped stamp the placecards and set the chargers and plates. She is 9 and loves to cook and prettify things.

Grandma has a spot with Grandpa at the head of the table.

Our teenage son sits here (by the Russian dolls ha ha).

I have a little candy dish with Napoleanic bees on it that's some wonky Limoges thing that I love. I filled it with edible pearls and a gold wrapped 'gift'. I love birds, so there are feathers and birds about. Thanks for taking a look and I hope you have a lovely day full of family, friends, and if you're not American- take a moment to remember the gifts in your life and pause to give thanks.



MartianDelights said...

Oh what a lovely display :) Have a lovely thanksgiving xxx

Robyn said...

Your tablescape is beautiful! I am a collector of quirky vintage pieces and a fellow bird lover (my mom collected robins for me since I was a baby) so your decor is right up my alley.