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Friday, November 19, 2010

SALE at Meow Cosmetics HOLIDAY collections and NEW Christmas Shoppe!

http://www.meowcosmetics.com/xmasshoppe.htm NEW FROM MEOW!

*Sale code of 15% off with CatsEatTurkey at checkout- don't forget to add FREE SHIPPING from the drop down menu at checkout as well! SALE ENDS 11-28-2010...wanna see some new stuff just in time for the sale? Read below!

Sugarplums a plenty! Click HERE! Available in December

Christmas trees and shades of green, click HERE!

Make your Christmas Wish by clicking HERE!

Give your holiday gripes a voice by peeking HERE!

Christmas spirit of past, present, and future HERE!

12 pains of Christmas, go HERE!

Merry Mayhem collection from 2009, click HERE!

Frosty blues and icy hues with the Snowflakes by Meow HERE! *Ice Storm WILL be mine!

Wander a Glacial Grove with Meow HERE!

Browse old Holiday favorites with the ghost of Christmas pasts HERE!

Warm up with your favorite holiday drink HERE!

I truly had no idea Meow offered so many seasonal holiday shades. I am excited to take a peek and grab some samples. Which ones caught your eye? I love the Snowflackes, Glacial Grove, and the Xmas Rants! P.S. Check out the Glitz Glue (glue that glitter) and Super Shine ( foil your shadows)- HERE!



Teipu said...

Wohooo, I'm so exited!! I can't wait to place an order!
Meow is one of favorite companies and I was really looking forward to their christmas collections.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Teipu! What did you get?! I'd love to know!! I have such a long Wish List....OY painful! Meow is on there, I want Egyptian Coll Royal, Tut, Miw, and Artifact. I also want Meow's new Snowflakes.