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Friday, November 5, 2010

Rock A Betty Beauty Dark and Sexy look

A jewel of a find on Etsy was Rock A Betty Beauty. It's a pin up based shoppe with fun splashes of pigments for eyeshadows, blushes, a primer I want to try (named Pot Sticker hee hee) and some great deals...and I have to admit anything to do with pin ups and I'm loving it. I'm a huge Gil Elvgren fan and I wish I was a pin up too! Here's the trio of colours I used for this Courtney Love-esque look:

Maneater: Fabulous bright magenta with coral spark (only with flash, it applies a rich pink)

Primal: Deep, deep shocking black and nooo shimmer.

Rehab: Brilliant snow white matte with blue glitter. I LOVE this shade- I just wish the glitter would 'show' more.

Here's a few unedited shots. I swear eyelashes make the look. I wish I had dolly-lashes like this.

Some edits...

Here's a close up of the eye, the first one with flash, indoors and the second, natural light.

Here's what I used:

Ben Nye colour cake in CineFairest on the skin with Almay Ivory concealer under the eyes. I powdered over this with Ben Nye Luxe powder in pink. Then I brushed my skin with Aromaleigh's Gothic Lolita skinbright in Starbright, a pale pink finishing powder with opal gleam.

No blush, because I wanted it pale and then I did the eyes. I used Primal in a circle motion (almost like a mime) focusing on the crease and under the eyes with a dome shadow brush from ELF. I blended Rehab with a C shaped ELF shadow brush onto the main part of my lid. It should look rather doll-like at this point. Then I used Maneater on the outer V and blended into Rehab for the pop of pink at the corner of the eye. Lastly, I used Maneater and blended it into primal on the lower lashline and blended it out for that halo of pink.

On the brows I used black L'Oreal kohl eyeliner and emphasized the arch on top only. I used InterSense waterline liner under the black and then dabbed on the StarBright to 'hide' the full shape of my brow and add some gleam. I didn't want to fully cover, just add an effect.

I glued on heavy black lashes and tipped the ends with NYC Blue Rose lipstick for pink edges on the corners. Then I darkened the rest of the lashes with Hard Candy Ginormous lash mascara.

Last are the lips. I used a lip brush to shape my lips with Fyrinnae's lip lustre in Diabolic Masquerade (when are they going to open again?!). I then filled them with NYC's Blue Rose lipstick. A great deal at only .93cents US! SWEET!

The overall effect was an edgy, sexy, rough look with bright pops of pink and heavy eyes. I really like how this turned out.



Anonymous said...

sweet ;)

TianneMarie said...

Hi there Persephone! Thank you. P.S. Your Mars shade from Sailor Senshii (sorry if my spelling is off) is the most AMAZING thing ever!! Another Persephone purchase is on my list! I really love what I have and appreciate what gorgeous colours you make. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey . It's me Josh! I'm at school. so yeah. it's 10:40 a.m. hope you have a good day! -josh☻☺☻☺

TianneMarie said...

Hello my Josh! I love you and I had a great day, which was even better when you said hi. Thanks for doing that during Flex at school! Cool faces, bro! :)