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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organizing Makeup

I've been working on organizing my makeup. Since my car was vandalized (window is fixed now, hooray!) I wanted to keep track of what I actually own. I've not sat down and gone through my makeup yet to list it all. I should since I've bought dupes of colours on accident, landing me with 2 jars of the same shade.

So up there on the tabs you can see my stash! Not my 'stache :) ha ha. I organized them by colour first, with no apparent order and added company created swatches to show the shades. After that, I'll do swatches and list the colours by collection, if need be, and company. I want a one stop area for me to check my 'inventory' so to speak so I know if I have more blues than purples or if there's a colour I like but forgot I already have.

As for the literal organization of my makeup, I have them in fishing tackle boxes for now. However, any jars on their sides will eventually fall open somehow and leave me with a rim of sparkle and I hate losing product. So I want to have a glass walled cabinet to go on my closet wall (with a key opening yay) to house my jars.

I haven't gotten to listing palettes or free standing colours like NYX pearls or lippies or skin care yet. Right now I'm just focusing on the jars of indie makeup I own. My goal is to get my entire makeup collection listed and photographed for my own records and in case anyone wants to see it.

How do you organize your makeup? I see a lot of plastic pull out bins and some tackle boxes and old skoo' Caboodles. OH and good news! Hubs and I are going to buy another camera today so YAY bloggin' is back in action!

Thanks for the well wishes friends. Having my car broken into and my things taken was probably up there with "guess what your house is on fire with everything in it" kind of feeling...so I'm really grateful to have a few days gone by and a kind husband who helps me feel better. I'm especially thankful for my blogger friends who stopped by and shared some thoughts. All thieves should realize that what they take isn't theirs and they have no right to it. However I would've LOVED to see the looks on their faces when they unzipped my Nike duffel bag, hoping for goods, and realized it was full of wigs and eyelashes! HA! Serves them right.

Take care and I'll have more photos and such soon!


Dark Heart Designs said...

Maybe the thieves were drag queens and just loved your sense of style. ;) I would absolutely love to get into your make up collection. It'd be like a kid in a candy store.


Jasmine1485 said...

I'm glad to hear your car is fixed and you're on your way to sorting things out. :) I don't have a huuuuge makeup collection (well, compared to some! haha), but I keep the stuff I'm not currently using in baskets and my current stuff is in the top drawer in the bathroom, or in an organiser that my mum bought me years ago that came filled with makeup. It's got room for brushes, nail polish, eyeshadows etc, and two little mirrors on the top, one a close-up mirror. It's hard to keep clean, because of all the nooks and crannies, but so useful. :)

TianneMarie said...

Tina, you'd be welcome to come on by! I can't wait to add a lot of Dark Heart jars to my stash. I really liked what I got, thank you again! LOL @"drag queens"....I wish! I could've befriended drag queens!!

@Jasmine I have the same issue with keeping things clean and I've been embarrassed sometimes to drag my kit to a shoot and it's all dusty with lip gloss smeared somewhere and jars that fell open. I'm tidy, but it's a lot of work. I need to organize better and I'm going to have my current stuff out and the rest put away.