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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New camera!

Thankfully just in time for our trip, we were able to get a new camera. I would do some photos, but I've got loads to do before Thanksgiving and our trip. Here's what we ended up getting:

It's sensible and small and a colour that I know I could find easily. Our last camera was grey/silver and it seemed to blend in and be hard to locate. Frosty aqua is a little bit harder to lose. I am thankful we were able to get one fairly quickly and on sale. I was worried I'd be heading to Europe with no camera. :(

Hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving here in the US! I won't blog again until I get back but I know I'll have lots of photos on my return. Take care everyone! Here's a cute Marilyn photo that I'm sure at the time she felt was still not worth the $20 or whatever she got for it....a little homage to the upcoming holiday!

I bet even the turkey felt undignified. Oh the glorious 50's! I should have been alive back then. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!



Joice said...

Congratulations on getting a new camera :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Joice, welcome! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I really like the aqua in your profile photo, pretty!