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Monday, November 8, 2010

I've been tagged! 10 Things I Like

Wendi, darling Makeup Zombie (with the best header EVER) tagged me following a blog award she received! She posted 10 things about herself and then passed the award on to 11 other bloggers. I think Wendi's blog is so fun to read because she's fierce and hilarious and seems so 'real'. I love her Zombie fetish and wish she was my neighbor, she's so dang awesomely awesome!
Here's what I have to do:
1. Say who gave me the award
2. List 10 things I like
3. Pass it on to ten other bloggers.

1. I received this from Wendi at Makeup Zombie.

2. Ten things I like are (in no particular order):

i. Chocolate- preferably truffles from Godiva- HEAVEN!

ii. A-Ha: the band, the music, the videos...I'm an A-Ha junkie.

iii. All things having to do with Versailles in its heyday. If I could wear a Marie Antoinette dress and flounce around my house, you bet your sweet bippie I WOULD!

iv. MAKEUP. I'm a makeup ho, yo. I can't get enough.

v. Literature and reading are a constant hobby- I always have a book and have loads of them all over my house. Right now I'm reading 'History of the Church' (Mormon history) and M.M. Kay's Death in Kashmir (I think that's the title, anyway).

vi. My family. I'm a mom to 3 and I'm married and I have a large fat fluffy orange cat named Oskar who we always call 'Mow mow' or 'Fatness' or 'Purrbox'.

vii. Temples are a favorite of mine. Even if you're not a Mormon or LDS, these buildings are so pretty and I think the Salt Lake City Temple is gorgeous and I wish I could walk around in it wherever I want. Google the doorknobs- they're rad.

viii. Orange blossom fragrance is one of my all time fave scents. I love the smell of it in the trees because it reminds me of my childhood in California and I have a solid perfume of it that I don't dare use but I open it and go, "mmm' at least once a week.

ix. I have 2 serious obsessions. My favorite animal is a kangaroo so I collect them. I have a large stuffed one. I have salt and pepper shakers and I want a real one. I'm also a Marilyn Monroe fanatic. I own her receipts and nearly every book. I even tried to weasel the current housekeeper into letting me into her old home on Fifth Helena. It's a sickness :)

x. In N' Out Burger....#2 Animal style with a neopolitan shake. I blame my fat pants entirely on this. 100%

The Bloggers I am tagging are:

1. Martian Delights- because she's so sweet, has the most beautiful face I've ever seen, and has a way cool blog I read all the time.

2. Blix- the girl can do a mean LOTD. Her blending rocks.

3. Robyn- She's a fellow Marilyn fiend.

4. Isis- She inspires me with her 18th century fabulousness.

5. Phyrra- Phyrra is my go-to for news and Meowness. She's so comprehensive and consistent. Love Phyrra.

6. Kristen at Aromaleigh's Blog (if she sees this)- because Aromaleigh is the bestest ever. EVER. She's been a virtual friend and I appreciate her hard work and deep spirit.

7. Janette aka Goddess- because I love her so and she's fearless.

8. Liloo- because she does work I wish I could do and speaks French. FABULOUS!

9. Dark Heart Designs- Tina has a great line of makeup on Etsy and is a sweetheart.

10. Krista from Krista's Fascinations- she's addicted to makeup and loves Aromaleigh too.

I hope the ladies I tag see this! I am inspired by so many women and grateful for every comment and try hard to make a blog worth reading lol. Thanks Wendi and to you girls I listed, tag, you're IT!



Isis said...

Thank you! Very kind! But I wonder, could we get the links to the various blogs? I'd love to go and check them out. :)

Dark Heart Designs said...

I'm slow but I saw your tag and filled it out. Here's mine: http://darkheartdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/11/tag-post-from-tianne.html

Thanks Tianne!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Isis- I will edit it and put links in, what a good idea!

Hi Dark Heart! I'm glad you did it, I'll go check it out and back link, if that's ok! P.s. your swatches will be up today, sorry it took me so long!