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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giveaway Winner and I was burgled. Literally.

What used to be the passenger side window. My car was right up by our garages, by outdoor lights that were on!

The junk mail on the seat, nothing moved...lots of glass. Bye, bye purse! *SOB*

The driveway.

Forgive me for not posting the Random.Org screenshot, but I'm in the middle of a mess. Last night, someone crept up our driveway, past my husband's Mercedes and smashed the passenger side window of my ugly hatchback to steal my purse from the seat. Right by our garages and with our outdoor lights on. Apparently, our neighborhood is being targeted...as I'm no. 2 in the last week.

My purse wasn't anything fab (Chaps Ralph Lauren, from Kohl's on sale) and my wallet had my driver's license, SS card, ins. cards, library cards (lol), and other little things like my MPAU membership and some makeup pro cards that all adds up to a hassle. Considering I fly to London in a week..not having a Driver's License is a real headache.

Also in my purse was my camera...so no blog photos OR trip photos (*WAIL*) unless I take up a camera collection via Paypal :(. AND a brand new pack of batteries I'd bought for it! The humanity!

Worst of all, my brand new Morgana 24k Pumpkin lipstick was in my purse and now gone forever! I seriously cried over that! I am so angry! Other things were in my purse like my brand new mascara, my Besame compact, 2 of my eyeshadow brushes...it just sickens me that whoever took my purse probably just chucked it somewhere and has no use for all the things I loved.

So....I'm happy there's a giveaway winner, but I'm cleaning glass out of my driveway and car and then I'll stop and boo hoo over all of this. I'm just so hurt and angry that someone would break my car window, snag my purse, and still be able to live with themselves.

Here's the Giveaway winner- please email me at pierce (dot) tianne (at) hotmail (dot) com with your shipping info and I'll mail this to you as soon as I tape a garbage bag onto my car window.


Take care friends and don't leave your purses in your car, like I did, zonked after filming and completely forgetting about it. :( Live and learn.


Heather / Eyeconic said...

I'm sorry :( That's terrible. My friend's car got all smashed up in a hotel parking lot in St Louis too, and it was her first car that she had just bought with her own money. Luckily she didn't have anything worth taking, but it's too bad you did :( I hope they catch the jerk that did it.

Dark Heart Designs said...

I'm really sorry to hear that Tianne. It's always disappointing when people have such low character that they stoop to taking other's things.

KittenMittens said...

I friggin hate thieves! Our van got broken into once in a mall parking lot and they went under the seat and stole my mister's cd wallet, one of the bigger 72 pocket ones. The funny thing is, my mister only listens to old 80's type new wave stuff so I have a feeling that wallet got tossed somewhere because you can't actually re-sell just discs where I'm from, they want the case as well.

Jennifer said...

Oh no, Tianne, I'm so sorry!! That really stinks. How creepy that the one time you leave your purse in the car someone breaks the window to get it!!
I'm very paranoid about my purse - if I'm unloading groceries it comes in the house with me first thing. I don't even leave it in the living room if I'm on the computer - and yes, I keep the doors locked.
If you ever want to hire a purse babysitter let me know.

Halifax said...

I'm so sorry. This sucks.

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

That sucks!! Things are getting so desperate that more and more people are trying anything to get some money - including busting windows, up near a lit-up house, to get at a purse that may or may not have anything they'll be able to use.

If your wallet had your SS# in it, though, you may have to stay vigilant for years. That's your key to your financial identity. That's a real messpile.

So sorry this happened to you!! I hope that your trip to London does go well, and that you get to take your mind off of this for just a few minutes.

hannagrrl said...

This EXACT same thing happened to me recently!
We live on a dead-end street (nothing but old people and my family) and I was parked in my parent's driveway right underneath a street light!
Jerk busted my window, grabbed the bag on my passenger side seat, and ran off... trailing things behind that he had to have been pulling out of the bag as he/she walked away.
I had thought my newly gifted UD Alice in Wonderland pallette was gone forever! (My neighbor found it later in her bushes. It was wet, but it survives.)
I never did recover my camera though. I still feel violated and angry and hurt and angry... even though I know better than to leave purses or bags out in the open for tempting theives, but we do some times screw up... it just so happens that those screw ups happened at just the opportune moment for crooks and theiving jerks!!

Whoa. Sorry, I'm just pouring all that frustration out on your blog page.

All I had really meant to way was "I'm sorry this happened to you. And hopefully you can afford to have a car alarm installed."
I have one now, and I love it. (Well, I love the remote starter.)