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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fyrinnae swatches A Blue Whale plays Strip Poker + Swatches!

I received these two with my Dia de los Muertos order with Fyrinnae, Blue Whale being a free sample. Thank you! Here they are, in the jar! *a rhyme*

Swatches below are over Pixie Expoxy, natural light, no flash, indoors.

From L to R
Blue Whale: Vivid purple blue with lots of purple and aqua sparkle
Strip Poker: Deep grey with copper interference

Above is in indirect light. I love Strip Poker, it has a beautiful mystery to it...almost like the grey and copper don't mix, but when you look at it you go, "ooh". I'm a bit miffed at Fyrinnae lately. They keep opening/closing/shutting down their site and I never know one day to the next what's going on. I guess they're having supply issues and a bit of backlog...but either stay closed and leave notice, or figure it out while you're open. It's frustrating to keep guessing. But I do love their stuff so much that honestly, if they did this for the next 6 mos it wouldn't change my opinion for the worse.

I also went a little nutso and stacked up almost all of my 5g jars. A lot are Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae and Silk Naturals and oh gosh, I love them all. I have about 30 or so I didn't add to this, but it's seriously a pile of heaven to me. Do you guys feel that way too? Like you can't get enough? It's an addiction, I swear. Here's a quick eye I did with Strip Poker-

Can you see that bit of copper? Isn't it pretty? I used Lime Crime in Siren to rim the eye in red. I like the contrast with the grey. I used Midnight, a dark velvety navy blue, from Aromaleigh Pure Eyes Mattes on the outer V and placed Eve glitter from the Bete Noire glitters on top.

Below is with flash. I love Strip Poker! The colour- not the game, haha!

On my browbone is Oyster from the Carolina Summer Aromaleigh collection. A nice soft ivory highlighter, great for blending.

I spent hours and hours today getting the labels on my blog to match up. I don't know if anyone will really use them to check out my blog, but I know I have clicked on them with others' blogs. I like being able to see everything about 'Aromaleigh' or 'Morgana' in one fell swoop. Will it help you or no?

Have a great day,


Yours Truly, Suki.X said...

I love the look you did! Sooo pretty and unique.

Whoa, that jar stack IS heavenly but admittedly my heart started racing: weren't you afraid they'd all tip over?!

Sonia said...

My heart totally skipped a beat when I saw all those jars! I love them! I wanna come over and play with them. :P

Sonia said...

PS....LOVE that copper shimmer! It's tdf!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Whoa, your collection is huge and AWESOME :D so many jars!

I love the red liner ^__^

TianneMarie said...

@Suki Hi there! I was worried they'd tip and by the end, they did. I panicked a little and then put them away. There was something really fun though about stacking them up. :)

@Sonia, I'd invite you! Wouldn't that be fun? Like a beauty bloggers reunion? We all bring our stash and party it up? Idea...Hmmm....Ooh and I love Strip Poker with that copper. High Voltage just did one similar but I'm not sure of the name. If I find it, I'll post it. Thanks for saying hi!

@Sil awww thanks! Funny thing is, you think having like 100 jars would take up all this space, but it doesn't. After I stacked them all up, I was like, "Wish I had more". How silly is that?!


ShakeupYourMakeup! said...

Strip Poker is one of my all time favorites. This looks beautiful on you!