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Friday, November 5, 2010

Footage from last project: Chicks with 'staches!

The premise is that the girls at Money Train are better looking than at other loan companies, all a spoof of course! I personally thought the Loan Shax girl was darling and a lot of fun to work with! What a fun shoot and I always feel so lucky. Thanks for watching.



Janette said...

good work on the facial hair, lovely. I loved that unibrow, a little sparse, but the effect was there. The 'stash on her was glorious. Then there was the Money Train guy....makeup was perfect. Loved the blue shadow and the lip color. Overall, you did wonderful. I am truely proud of you. You are really doing a great job. Don't be so nervous, your hard work showed very clearly to the viewer. Even though we take it for granted and don't pay attention to those details. But people like me....the work was very good. I laughed at it and then had to watch the commercial again. I am so happy for you. Love ya, lil' sis.

TianneMarie said...

Thanks, friend! I wanted the clerk to look like it wasn't obvious but something was definitely up. She was so much fun, I liked her a lot! Jason (the customer) was hilarious! Robert (Robert Lund) is always spot on and I always feel lucky every thing I do. Thank you!