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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Candy's Sweet Treats Swatches and Review

I recently received some samples with a purchase of a full size product from Candy's Sweet Treats on Etsy. I'm excited to say that I wasn't bored or wondering if it was TKB round two- I really, really liked what I got! I have some swatches coming in this post, but if you'd like to check out the Etsy shoppe, click HERE. A set of 6 sample shades can be ordered HERE.

The full size I ordered was half off in price (colour of the week sort of deal) and it was Qbert. I used to play the game back in the Atari/Sega days and so I wanted to pick it up. It was described as a soft coral-y orange. That is indeed the shade. Here are some swatches (over Elf's Studio Prime and Seal primer).

Above was taken in indirect sunlight (kinda cloudy that day) without flash, indoors.

From L to R:
Qbert: Shimmery soft coral infused orange
Photo Bomb: Caramel medium brown with soft shimmer
Wicked: Lemon drop sour yellow
Sporn: Ruddy tinged brown like rust and brown mixed together
Gold "O": Deep shimmering metallic gold
Quan: Seaweed teal grey blue shimmer
Monster: Deep grape purple

Above was taken with a flash so you can see the sparkle powah! Below was indoor lighting (hence the yellow hue) but it gives a good idea of how the shades adapt in different lighting.

I'm so glad I got Qbert full size as I have a lot of bright oranges but not many soft ones. Quan and Photo Bomb are my favorites out of these. I tend to like unique non-primary or obvious colour wheel shades. Candy makes her own hues and with funny names like "Leprechaun Poop" I can appreciate her humor. A fun twist to her shoppe is that she is part of the US military, so she has a spin on her products for military minded gals who don't mind getting their sparkle on.

Would I buy from Candy again? Yes! Was I happy with what I bought? Yes. I would like to see ingredients listed and some swatches on the site itself, but other than that, I am happy with what I received.

Overall Opinion: A

She shipped fast, was quick to communicate, and her colours impressed me. Have you given Candy's Sweet Treats a try? If so, share what you have and if not, tell me why. I'm always interested in what people experience. Thanks for stopping by!


SilhouetteScreams said...

I looove the look of Gold 'O'. Then again, who am I to deny a nice gold? :)

TianneMarie said...

Lol, your comment made me smile...I think I might do a gold comparison swatch with all the metallic golds I have. I don't have all of them out there...but I think it would be a good post. You've inspired me, friend! Gold post comin' up! That sounds like goal post from football...but you know what I'm sayin'! :)