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Sunday, November 21, 2010

30% off Promo Code at Dark Heart Designs

Tina at Dark Heart Designs has two things really going for her: One, she's 100% committed to creating wonderful things and puts her heart into it- and two, She backs this up with pretty and fun coloured products!

Tina found my blog via the Etsy list I drafted up and she recently sent me a gad of shadows to try along with her lip gloss, Teenage Dream (um, Katy Perry fabulousness? Yes please! It's a shade similar to Nars Orgasm gloss) and I love them all. I just checked and Teenage Dream isn't listed at the mo, but I liked the formula, so I can assume her other lippie will apply just as nicely.

Unfortunately, dut to the camera debacle and my purse and all..I don't have any photos. But I will offer colour descriptions and my take. Next is some great news...

She is offering 30% off any order if you enter the promo code TIANNE at checkout!

This is the first promo code I've ever received and really means a lot to me. So readers, please check out Dark Heart designs and with 30% off (no minimum order amount) you can get some GREAT DEALS! Thank you Tina!

GREAT DEAL #1: She offers 34 samples (that's all of her colours) for $10.00 and with 30% off that's $7.00 for 34 SHADES! Click HERE to get the deal!

GREAT DEAL #2: A lip gloss for 30% off equals around $4- what a great deal!

Tina has eye swatches with windblown hair and spiky lashes on Etsy and also jar photos as well. I received a brochure with my samples that included ingredients, notes on what was vegan and what wasn't and yes, she hand makes each colour. She also describes the texture, which helps discern if it's sparkly or matte.

Another nice take is that Tina grew up in the carnival industry (awesome!) and that evoked such images of the Fair and bright lights, cotton candy, and those yummy pretzels and rides! I couldn't help but be caught in the whimsy of that. Most of all, I love supporting new businesses with women owners who work hard to put out an original product.

So take a look at her shadows:

Siren's Song- from Greek mythology, a rich shimmering cornflower sea blue with a pearl finish. It's not so grey in real life as it looks in the photo. It's an icy brilliant blue that just pops.

Fool's Gold- Buy this shade, for real. It's a sparkler and a duochrome...with a hint of three shades in varying lights. The base shade is exact to what you see in the photo below, a nice golden taupe, but not metallic, just a nice warm middle brown. BUT in real life, what you see is the shift of salmony pink and gold sparkle in the light. Some angles it's more gold, some angles it's more pink. I want this one like a fiend. The next one I really loved was... Coral Fang- It's not orange at all. It's the perfect shade of a Maui sunset. All that peachy pink goodness with a gold shift and shimmer to it. I've been looking for a bright salmon shade that a lot of colours seem to be, but this one finally grabs the bull by the horns. This one is a keeper for me. It bounces off the skin with a hint of yellowy gold and bright peach...it's so pretty. Mmm peaachy....

I also loved Limelight, Pink Nights, Halestorm, Catalyst, and Crash Love...Pink Nights is like Barbie hell gorgeous. *covet covet*

I get a lot of colours that I can pass on and don't excite me. But I am starting to learn what is well done and what appeals to me. I really like what I see here and I hope you enjoy the sale and get some pretties from Dark Heart Designs! I don't receive any kickback and I plan to grab a few things too! Please comment and let me know what you think or what you get!



Anonymous said...

I looove Tina's creation Darkheart Designs! I'm glad there is a review out there to spread the word! Thanks.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Anon- I think Tina is going to do great! I loved what I got and I am excited to get more and really do a review once I get back from my trip. Thanks for stopping by!