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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zombie Babe

I was inspired by Wendi's blog and her way darling header. So I thought I would try to do a Zombie look of my own. Here's the finished product, blurry and fabulous!

Here's me goofing off before I got the wig and lashes on. I always want to see this kind of stuff, the whole 'before and after' business...so I thought I'd share my nerdiness with you.

My necklace is a Fire Topaz. They are so pretty. They literally look like little flames. Lurves it!
I hate my smile and that's why I never smile in photos. All four of my front teeth are crowns from a high school cheerleading accident. I wish it was from something cool like a brawl outside a bar...but no.

Here's a look at the scabs and such. I'll detail what I used later on. Just thought it would be good to have some close ups.

I am seriously going to pick up my children from school like this. I hope someone calls me from the PTA with a grumble. I love that kind of stuff. Who wants to be cookie cutter? NO THANKS!

More scabs!
Me giving the camera the ol' dead eye.

And eating my hairbrush.

I wanted to get a shot of the chin/neck detail. I think it turned out really cool.

Left side o' me face.

Right side.

And that's all....now to the good stuff with the wig and lashes!

Lashes are Make Up For Ever. They have cool feather bits on the ends that I really like.

Lips are Maybelline Red Revival, a bright hot pink shade I forget what it is, and liner is Erno Laszlo in Bitter. Gloss is Milani in Dressed Up. I over shaped my top lip for that Jean Harlow Cupid's Bow.
Eyes are: Meow Cosmetics in Embezzling (golden green shimmer on lid), Breakfast at Kitty's (on inner corner, a soft peachy beige with ivory sparkle), My Bad (deep black purple) on the crease, Shoplifting (lighter sparkly royal purple) on the outer V, and TTYL (bright pink orange) as a highlight shade. Liner is Jet Black liquid liner by NYC.
P.S. You like my Zombie mole?

Blood/Scrapes are Ben Nye Bruise wheel and Fake Scab. Sexy!

Cheeks are Pink Swoon by MAC and Candy-O Aromaleigh Rocks! Rouge. I wanted that vibrant dolly cheek.

Unedited above. I got the green sheen from Aromaleigh Rocks! eyeshadow in Strychnine and SwampThing. I also used my Makeup King 120 palette for the added green and purple/black effects. Lighter pale sheen is Morgana's Cryptoria Mysterious Veil.

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? I seriously have no idea. My kids all want costumes, but when I go to look at the prices, they're all like $30! Wow! So....I don't want to be cheap, but I don't want to pay $150 for costumes in total, either. Maybe we'll all be ghosts with bed sheets :)



MartianDelights said...

Love it !
Don't think I have ever seen a zombie with such glamourous lips lol !

Makeup Zombie said...

Freaking WOW!!