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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spectrum Cosmetics swatches and a review!

Talk about quick turnaround! I got my little Spectrum Cosmetics haul in seriously, 24 hours it seems like. Erica sent the samples, about the size of Monave samples but smaller than Aromaleigh (however they were just as full) in hand labeled baggies taped together. She included a business card and a sweet note. Thanks Erica!

The shades I ordered were:

Bittersweet (a slightly shimmer cocoa brown),
Eos (cranberry with insane shimmer of silver and white),
Manic (cool periwinkle with violet/pink duochrome),
Sassy (peached cream with a violet undertone fire, gorgeous!) and
Night Sky (purple base with aqua and navy sparkle).

Erica tossed in Siren for free (thankee) which is a dark deep purple with royal purple sparkle. Swatches below!

L to R: Siren, Bittersweet, Eos, Manic, Sassy, and Night Sky. Taken indoors, no flash, indirect light.

Can you see the pink tones to Manic and the slightly violet feel to Sassy? Love those! Eos is similar to Dragon Scales from Lime Crime, Cocoa Mauve from Aromaleigh (and calendula, but not green) but MORE sparkly. Man I love me some sparkly.

Swatches below were taken indoors with flash:

Night Sky is a lovely shade that would be perfect for a liner. Bittersweet in the flash has a coppery sheen to it that I really like.

Overall opinion:

Shipping time and order accuracy: Perfect ($2 flat shipping is a great deal)
Eyeshadow quality and blendability: Near Perfect, really no issues
Prices: Perfect $4 for a 5g jar!
Would I purchase again: Yes but I would like to know more about formulations as I hate the sneaking suspicion of things being repackaged, ugh!

I really liked what I got and especially how quickly I received it. I would love to see more of what they have and I expect I'll be visiting the shop in the future! I especially liked Manic and Sassy...they were lovely!



Leira Yann said...

the siren looks nice.

TianneMarie said...

Hi Leira. Siren was really pretty and deep for a blue/purple. I am going to email Spectrum and ask about formulation as I'm not sure what's handcrafted and what isn't and some shades are eerily similar to repackaged ones. But I don't always know, so I'll find out. I did love them no matter what!