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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snow Bunny: The Herald of Winter

There is snow now on the mountaintops by my house. I saw the stormy grey clouds gather around the peaks and sure enough, once the clouds blew away snow was left behind. That's the chill of autumn warning you winter is right around the corner. So in honour of our new snow, I did a look based on winter scenes. Like this one.

I based my look on the photo below. I wanted bright cold sunlight and hazy shades of silver, frosted blues, and stark browns. I used Aromaleigh's Elemental Lustre collection as my palette. I was also inspired by Hi Voltage releasing a Winter Wonderland collection. It made me realize that Wow, it's going to be cold soon!

Here's the result.

For the eyes, I used a brown creme base for the eyeshadow as a primer. In this case, ELF's eyebrow kit brown wax. Ha ha, improvisation, I know. Then I used Fume, a silver metallic on the inset of my lid and lower lashline.

Halfway through the lid, I used Underworld, a deep pewter navy with sparks of red and blue for emphasis on the crease. On the outer V I used Swank, a blue-purple shade with rainbow sparkle and a deep cornflower purple base for a darker outer eye. On the outer corner only, I used Torrid, metal hued maroon/wine.

Finally, I used my fingertip and dabbed Gleam, brilliant gold metallic onto the center of the browbone. Why? I don't know. But I like it.
Unedited shots below.

I kinda wanted this android type of cold white shimmering look. Very frozen and blank. I like it and this makes me want to say Domo Aragato Mr. Roboto. Another unedited shot.
And with the editing. I wish I had Photoshop. It's so much better.

On my face I used Ben Nye Colour Cake in Geisha. I then used Smashbox blush in Supermodel just for a bit of colour. I swept Fume (silver eyeshadow from AL) onto the lips and nose and face as a highlight.

Lips are Milani's Silver Charm, a sheer silver, with NYX's round lipstick in Opal (white iridescent) and a bit of Victoria's Secret gloss in Fuzzy Navel. Eyelashes are dusted with Fume to be silver.



MartianDelights said...

Sorry couldn't help but shout... I nearly swore looking at my computer... and I don't usually do such a thing !

Is it that you've been doing the looks over the last few weeks and put them on here all at once, or you're going through a particular spell of inspiration ?

I love your looks girl, I love your blog. It's just so nice to see something different :) Blogworld so needs you, there's never a dull post !

TianneMarie said...

I totally laughed out loud when I read you were shouting and swearing lol! I really appreciate your support and sometimes I wonder why some have like 1000 followers and try as I might I am at a slow crawl. I think I'm an acquired taste :) I post them as I do them, so today I did this look with the white wig. Thankee thankee for the love, L- I appreciates it! :D

MartianDelights said...

Well I was a bit sad about not having zillions of followers but to be honest I'd rather be friends with a handful of them and learn to know them than have zillions of followers that don't comment/read/don't seem interesting...
I guess followers are like friends... there are ever only a handful of genuine ones...
All I know is that myself and a bunch of other friendly readers love your posts, so please please don't ever forget that we lov'ya !

liloo said...

great job, love it :)

TianneMarie said...

Thank you Lorraine! I appreciate it muchos! xoxo

Liloo- thank you! Your blog is awesome by the way...I wish I spoke French- but it's beautiful to see and read!