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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rings of Saturn

Instead of exercising, I did more makeup. MORE. Like 2 things today weren't enough. I'm like that. Stops and spurts. Hence not exercising for a month and a half. OY! I'm gonna be a tank rolling through Paris. A big lardy American tourist. If I wear a Mickey Mouse shirt, then it would be the nightmare of my teenage dreams....I'll have seriously gone to pot. Crap. So I will exercise...after this :) Here's the snow on the mountain (behind the clouds). That's Mt. Timpanogos. Beautiful!

Here's me in my exercise clothes making smarmy faces.

Lipstick is Nars Orgasm gloss. I don't like it. It smells and it's gloopy. Don't buy Nars lip gloss. It sucks.

My eyes. I called it Rings of Saturn, since it reminded me of rings around the center colour.

I also have a big forehead. Yay for genetics! Does it mean I have a big brain?

Nice how my brasierre is all hangin' out. Go VS! Here's what I used:
Lids: Amarante from Bete Noire, AL
First Ring: Swank from Elemental Lustre, AL
Second Ring: Torrid from Elemental Lustre, AL
Third Ring: TeenageKicks from Rocks!, AL
Fourth Ring: Nico from Pure Eyes Lustre, AL
Highlight on Browbone: WhiteRiot from Rocks! AL
Swipe of liner: Torment from Elemental Lustre, AL
*all applied with ELF shadow brush (the cheap one for a dollar)
Face: Ben Nye Visage Powder (no foundation) with flat topped face brush from ELF
Cheeks: Smashbox Supermodel SoftLights Duo with Estee Lauder blush brush
Tank Top is from the GAP and the workout bra is I think Adidas...who knows. Mascara is L'Oreal Voluminous in Black.
Okay, I'll go away now :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!

TianneMarie said...

Hi Persephone, thank you!!