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Monday, October 18, 2010

Riche Cosmetics: Review and Swatches

I have found some really lovely shades from Riche Cosmetics. Andrea, the shoppe owner is friendly and upfront and offers a nice variety of shades that I found to be more beautiful than the swatches on Etsy would indicate...what a nice surprise! Take a look at my little Riche haul-

Speechless is almost the same as Aromaleigh's Hades from Mythos and Concrete Minerals' Wicked. A fabulous blue/purple duochrome that screams gorgeous! Innocent, although looks white has this violet fire to it that is a nice change from the usual pink highlight. I really liked that one. Above and below were taken indoors, no flash, indirect sunlight.

Royal- Rich periwinkle purple with duochrome of violet
Amethyst- Lovely iris purple with lots of purple sparkle
A Little Catty- Deep chocolate with golden shimmer, not metallic
Snowstorm- Violently brilliant silver white with high shimmer
Speechless- Duochrome of aqua and blue on a grey-green purple base
Spellbound- Warm golden brown with beige shimmer
Haze- Mocha brown with a grey mute to it that deepens the colour
Innocence- White semi-opaque sparkle with purple/violet underfire. Like this one a lot.

A little flashing action above. Haze is a nicely blended off-brown that is a great neutral.

In this last photo you can see the great iridescent quality of Innocent. Love that one. Royal is a lovely duochrome as well- changing from deep purple to violet with the shift of light.

Full size jars (great buy one get one free sale) and the jars are different than your standard 5 g. They are same in size, but have a bit of a space between the bottom lip of the jar instead of being flat. They won't fit in your usual stacks, but I found that I actually liked the jars. I think the space between the actual bottom and the lip will protect the labels.

Riche's 'Mineral Powders' are to me, more for eyeshadow use, but can be blended into lip glosses, nail polish, etc.

I asked Andrea about her bio, her goals for Riche, and a little about the company as to whether they were repackaged or not. Here's her answer in full. I don't like to edit, because I want Etsy sellers and Shoppe owners to speak for themselves. Enjoy:

"I have all but one of my eyeshadows loaded on to Etsy. All the blushes and shimmers are all here. I still need to load my bronzers, lid primers, loose mineral powders and mineral concealers. It was so nice of you to email me. I took a look at your blog and I think it's awesome! You have so many interesting things posted. I too am a mother, but I only have two children. Two boys, Jonas and Asa. A couple of my blushes are named after them. I thought it was a cute little twist on things since all too often it's the boys that give us a natural blush.

I grew up in a small Texas town, not far from where I live now. I was raised in the Catholic Church and my husband and I are teaching our little ones how important it is to have Christ in our lives everyday. I like all sorts of music and I like all sorts of food as long as it isn't to spicy! I love to sew and craft as well. I've had an Etsy store prior to this one, where I sold handmade girls dresses. I don't have any posted at this time, but you are still able to view them in my "sold items" under the store name, modernkids.

I saw your little blog on me, that's so sweet of you to do a little piece on Riche. BTW - The reason that amethyst is listed under the blue / green category is because it along with the other blues and greens contains ferric ferrocyandie. Ferric ferrocyandie is only regulated for use on the eyes, not lips.

Each of my pots contain at least 1.5 grams of mineral powder by weight.

I'm not offended at all that you would ask about whether or not I create my own shades. The short answer is "no." However, I have every intention of doing so. I have an art background and I've never been shy about diving right in, but honestly I'm a little intimidated of doing the shades myself. My husband and I had a big discussion about it. He's more analytical than I and he suggested that I start out with as many shades as possible. Ultimately, I can get a better idea of what everyone likes the most. I think if I just dove right in, I would naturally lean towards shades that look good on me, which might not be the way to go. I am determined to make this business a success, but I know I need to start off with baby steps."

I'm grateful that Andrea was honest about her colour formulations. But I have to say that having used the colours before I received the repackaging info, I find it hard to believe they're not custom formulated because well, they're gorgeous! Usually I can pick out a straight up mica or a TKB swap, but these really are pretty and I can't seem to locate the usual dupes. I'm not sure if they are formulated by someone like Spell and then resold under Riche, which would make sense...but as the sales are so good, the shipping is free, and Andrea sounds like she's starting out- I give Riche my endorsement. I'd rather see her grow than rule her out. Give them a try- I think you'll be happily surprised!

Tell me what you think!



Anonymous said...

She might be ordering from The Conservatorie, maybe.

They do look pretty nice though.

However, I thought you weren't allowed to sell repackeged on etsy, unless it's supplies like brushes or something??

SilhouetteScreams said...

Good to know that Speechless has some dupes, it looks really pretty!

It didn't even occur to me that she could have been working with Spell or a similar company to make these :O

galgotspirit said...

I was just wondering myself if Riche shadows were repackaged :-) I'm glad that Andrea was willing to be so up-front that they were. I have no problem with that if it's disclosed at the outset. I've ordered from Andrea twice now and have been happy both times. The shadows are very pigmented and silky. It's a bit of a bummer that there aren't any swatches, but I've only gone wrong with 2 or 3 colors that I've picked (out of about 20 total)! You're right that they aren't "in your face" colors but rather good, solid performers for all occasions, especially school or work.