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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Providence and Grace Swatches and Review

Above are swatches I did of a few Providence and Grace eyeshadows. They used to be Allure By Jen and use little clay (I think) flowers with pigment spilled on them as swatches on Etsy. Photos might be clickable to a larger size for accuracy (they look a bit blurred here) so let me know if they don't enlarge.

From L to R they are:

Myth (silvery forest green shimmer that blends to a charcoal grey hue),

Pewter (steely pearlized grey with a blue tinge),

Arizona (clay brown with a copper/sienna sparkle),

Baby (blushed ivory with a bit of pinkish brown hue),

Vampires (sparkling cranberried pink) for the top row.

Bottom row L to R are:

Blush Beige (golden sparked soft medium golden brown),

Midnight Sky (deep navy blue with a bit of green interference),

Ms. Smith (sparking brilliant yellow blueish bright green), and

Wish (periwinkle sparkle with a bit of blue).

It appears there is debate on whether the eyeshadows are repackaged (opinions courtesy of Grey, Silhouette Screams, and MartianDelights) and I sent a convo to P&G about it myself [Please see bottom of this post for P&G's reply to this concern, link attached]. I do like them as far as pigment and prettiness goes. I received these fast as lightning from L at MartianDelights as a courtesy to review- she's such a darling thing and my overseas makeup friend. They came in little clamshells (hate those) and were labeled and seemed decent. Let me say again, I hate clamshells. Please, for the love of makeup, DON'T use clamshells, people!

I like Ms. Smith, it reminds me of Trillium from Aromaleigh. I wish I could fall in love as the lipsticks at their Etsy shoppe seem nice, but when I hear repackaged my excitement falls flat.
Also it seems the lippies are drying and are mica mixes instead of well formulated lippies. I'll pass on mica infused lip balm.

The jury is still out on Providence and Grace. If I hear back, I'll be sure to post it. What are your thoughts on repackaging? I think if a company is honest, I can pass on it as long as honesty is paramount. BUT if it's passed off as formulated uniquely to that brand, that bothers me. Don't rip me off. I have the government and attorneys for that :)

*** Jennifer from Providence and Grace gave a very thorough response to the integrity of her products. Please read at the link HERE***


SilhouetteScreams said...

I'll be interested to hear what P&G's response is, because I was able to match some of the shades to the TKB Pops I own. I assumed the other couple of shades I have are repackaged too, because they just list mica and titanium oxide or something as the sole ingredients. Pretty shades though.

TianneMarie said...

Oh those TKB pops- you'd think that everyone would stop repackaging those, because they're so obvious! Grr! The hard thing is, I agree, the shades are pretty...I just wish people would be up front, then hey, it's up to me if I want to purchase or not. I just like knowing what I'm getting. I'll be sure to update if I hear anything back...so far, nada :(