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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paul & Joe Beaute Kitty lipstick

*Photo from Urban Outfitters

I missed this. Oh I missed this!! I saw it in Allure, or was it Vogue...either way, and I thought- cute...but I didn't pick it up. I thought I'd mention it now, oh you know, 8 years after the fact. Dang it! Paul & Joe have some really lovely little things that remind me of wallpaper during the 40's. I love anything to do with the 20's-50's and I swear I was born in the wrong era. Click this LINK to see what I'm loving about the packaging from Paul and Joe. A few items are below:

Moon shadow is the cat lipstick with the beautiful lily/lotus-esque packaging that's not in the above shot but at the link. WHY did I let this slip?! I can console myself with the other pretties offered at Urban Outfitters (UO sells Stila, Too Faced, Manic Panic, and another lippie fave Anna Sui, among others) from Paul & Joe. But still. No cat headed lipsticks! Gah! I do like the Summer Finishing Powder. It looks like a polyester tunic and feathered braids turned into a box. It's like a papyrus dream!

If you're one of the lucky cats who got one of those darling kitty lipsticks, I'm going to announce it now: I'm jealous.

Looks like I'll be scouring on Ebay....blech.



Heather / Eyeconic said...

I love kitties but this lipstick creeps me out o_o Haha my verification word is "caterie".

TianneMarie said...

Hi Heather! Ha ha caterie! Perfect! I agree too that after a while, when the ears rubbed down, you'd be left with what would appear to be a smiling bald man with a large mustache and unibrow. 0_0 Blech!

Kimber Y said...

Hullo! All the colors are in stock at Urbanoutfitters.com. Hurray! I'm putting an order in now =^.^=

TianneMarie said...

Hi Kimber! Let me know how you like it! Come back and share. I read the reviews and I hesitated because the consensus was that they were sheer. I wish they had a deep black berry shade...that would be to die for. Thank you for letting me know that it was in stock!

Anonymous said...

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