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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Collection: Halloween 2010 High Voltage Cosmetics

Head on over to High Voltage Cosmetics to check out their Halloween collection- brand new! 5 shades for $25, take a peek:

Swatches courtesy of Hi Voltage. Tombstone is like the colour of a ghost and I'm loving Zombie Chic and Bloody Mary! I really like this and I would love to check it out....egads, my want list is insane. Here's a bit of it, for starters. Hello, poverty.

1. Suds N Sass Beach House perfume and soap (re-order)
2. Hi-Fi Cosmetics- Anniversary collection/Nightmare 2010 collection
3. Meow Cosmetics- Foundation and Wild Child eyeshadows
4. MAC lots of blushes and eyeshadows and lipglasses- these I want to kickstart my neutrals
5. Sleek palette in Sunset
6. Aromaleigh Mythos/Spells/Wonderstruck egads, 100 bucks right there...dream on Tiannie
7. Hi Voltage lip whips in Talk Talk and like 4 others.
8. Morgana Minerals new stuff and lippies
9. Try out Evil Shades, Concrete Minerals, Shiro Cosmetics, more J Lynne....especially the Cinnamon eyeshadow and Candlelight Glow powder

I need a job just to buy my makeup and another room in my house to store it all. My poor husband.


MartianDelights said...

Tianne, I have bought a set of Evil Shades Halloween samples, I will get a sample of zombie chic, which I already have from a giveaway I won... it's yours if you want it :)

TianneMarie said...

You are so sweet to me!! Only if you don't mind sending it. I really appreciate it!